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Chapter 4 - Sneaking Into School

Another DA fic. Story me and my sis write when we have time.
Sonic and the gang go to school with completely different personalities! Mainly follows Sonic and Shadow.

Chapter 4 - Sneaking Into School

Chapter 4 - Sneaking Into School
Later that day, Sonic and Shadow were sitting at their usual spot in the lunch room when the two students walked in. They both took out a neatly packed tin lunchbox whilst Sonic and Shadow took out two dirty, unhygienic boxes. The new students took out a neatly wrapped sandwich each whilst Sonic and Shadow took out 5 sandwiches each, neatly packed by Amy, but as they took off the foil, the sandwiches literally fell apart. As they both ate their sandwiches, Sonic kept staring at the blue hedgehog. He was sure that he’d met her before but where? Shadow had his eye on the black and red hedgehog. He thought the same as Sonic. The female blue hedgehog was taking absolutely no notice of Sonic but had her eyes on Shadow. The female black and red hedgehog had her eyes on Sonic but was paying no attention to Shadow. Suddenly Sonic pulled Shadow into the corner to form a “Romy meeting”.
“Haven’t you seen them somewhere before?” Sonic asked. Shadow wasn’t paying any attention to Sonic, he was paying too much attention to his Swiss roll and a few seconds later, received a slap round the head. Suddenly, Sonic saw the black and red female hedgehog wink at him. Sonic lit up but he then saw the two girls whispering. Later that day, Sonic received a message from Espio that the blue hedgehog had dared the black and red hedgehog to wink at him. Sonic’s face fell but he wasn’t about to give up! Once again, Sonic pulled Shadow into the corner to form a “Romy meeting”.
“I know this sounds crazy but I think I like her!” Sonic grinned.
“What is wrong with you man!?” Shadow screamed.
“You like the blue one don’t you?” Sonic asked.
“Yeah, pretty much. Why?” Shadow replied.
“Because maybe now we don’t have to be so careful around Cosmo’s plants! We can even use them as targets in our football games!” Sonic grinned. “You got the plans for the football flower pitch I gave you two months back?” Sonic asked. Shadow didn’t remember receiving any type of documentation from Sonic two months ago. “You don’t remember where you put them, do you?”
“Yes I do, are you insulting my memory?”
“No! Any news about the main framage?” Sonic asked.
“Do you mean mainframe?” Shadow suggested raising an eyebrow.
“Yes that’s the one!” Sonic screamed.
“No.” Shadow said faintly. Shadow suggested that they hacked into the mainframe that night to find out about the two new students and also to see the secret passage.

(That night)
“Owww stop kicking my eye!”
“It’s not my fault, why don’t you try standing on my back!?” The two hedgehogs argued as they tried to climb the gate. Just then, Shadow’s mobile started ringing.
“One minute, got to take this!” Shadow said as he quickly jumped off Sonic’s back and ran into the corner. “Hello?”
“Sonic! Where have you been?” A squeaky voice asked.
“Amy, this isn’t Sonic, it’s Shadow.” Shadow replied bluntly.
“Shadow, where’s Sonic? And more importantly, where are you?” Amy screamed down the line.
“I’m uh, picking up some, uh, groceries!” Shadow replied quickly.
“But all the shops are closed Shadow! You better not be in trouble!”
“No, don’t worry, I’m not!” Shadow replied as he quickly hung up. “Phew.”
“Yeah, just take all night! Come on Shadow!” Sonic shouted across the school yard.
“Uh yeah, coming Sonic!” Shadow grinned as he ran back towards Sonic. “Oh and just for the record, Amy knows were gone.” Shadow replied. Sonic quickly started to dig a hole by the gate. “What are you doing?” Shadow whispered.
“Just digging a hole so we can get into the school! Foxes do it!” Sonic replied.
“But were not foxes.” Shadow replied through gritted teeth.
“Oh yeah.” Sonic’s head fell. “Let’s get Geoffrey to do it then!” Sonic grinned. Shadow eyed Sonic. “Or not.” Sonic said.
“You do realize that if we did dig a hole in the ground, we’d still have to get to the other side!” Shadow said.
“…Yes!” Replied Sonic folding his arms and sticking his nose into the air.
“I know!” Squeaked Shadow in a voice that sounded just like Amy’s. “We can invent…A time machine! And use it to travel into the future and get inside from there!”
“Genius!” Sonic grinned. They then realized that this would take far too long.
5 Minutes passed
“So how are we gonna get in?” Shadow asked curiously.
“This way!” Sonic said bashing Shadow’s head against the fence. Nothing happened though except Shadow chasing Sonic around with a mad expression on his face, waving his fist.
“Strange, that normally works!” Said Sonic.
“I know, we’ll open the gate!” Shadow screamed again, in a voice that sounded like Amy’s. The two hedgehogs walked over to the gate and gently pushed it open. The latch fell off and the gate opened nicely.
“Well come on then!” Sonic yelled as he picked up a rock and threw it smack at the glass doors. They shattered, leaving an open pathway for them to walk in. Shadow immediately started running to the ICT room.
“Come on Sonic!” He said, waving his hand for Sonic to follow him but Sonic was not there. All that was left of him was some dirty footprints leading to the bathroom.
“This is my time to be a lone hero!” Shadow said proudly as he held his head up high and slowly walked into the ICT room, clumsily tripping by the door and causing it to slam tight, locking him inside the ICT room. “Uh oh. What do I do now? Ah yes, the computers!”
“Do do do do do do doooo!” Sonic sang whilst combing his spines. “Whoops!” Sonic gasped as he realized that a quill was out of place. He quickly brushed it back. “There.” He grinned, placing the comb down and admiring his newly-brushed quills in the mirror. “Hey, where’s Shadow?” Sonic said, secretly not caring. “I’d better go and get the big idiot out of trouble!” He grinned feeling proud, not realizing that he was as dumb as Shadow. He walked towards the ICT room and caught a glimpse of Shadow running into it, attempting to knock it down but horribly failing. Sonic opened the lock after a long period of thinking. Unfortunately the door whacked Sonic in the face, causing him to fall on the floor backwards and his vision to go blurry.
“Soooonic!” A delicate voice said. Sonic looked up as his vision went back to normal to see Gina staring down at him. “Are you alright?” She asked gently.
“Yeah.” Sonic said but then changed it to sound as if he was in pain, placing his hand on his head. “If you could just rub my head a little and a kiss would really help too!” As the hedgehog lifted her hand above Sonic’s head, he was expecting a nice stroke but instead received a hard slap across the head. Suddenly his vision went back to normal and he saw Shadow leaning over him instead with an angry expression spread across his face.
“WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I KISS YOU?” He screamed, hitting Sonic across the head once again. Sonic shook his head and quickly got up. “And anyway, you know could have got out of there by myself!” Shadow pointed out untruthfully. “Anyway, I checked all the computers but just remembered that we broke them all!”
“Oh, right.” Sonic replied glumly. “We can just use the one in Mr. Wenselby’s office!”
“Genius!” grinned Shadow whilst running off, Sonic trailing behind him. They plonked themselves down on his chair and pressed the “on” button 5 times each in an attempt to turn it on faster. It slowly came on and they hacked into the school ID system, a trick taught to them by Manic.
“This dudes so old fashioned, this computers Windows 98!” Shadow laughed. They opened up 2 windows and typed in the two students names. They quickly printed out the two sheets, not even bothering to read them and then ran off to the exit.
”Wait, were forgetting something! We have to check out the secret passage!” Sonic pointed out. The two boys walked to the bathroom and flushed the out of order toilet, causing the wall to fall off again (Which had been repaired overnight, meaning the cement was still wet) and they slowly walked down the dark corridor.
“Hey Sonic, this is kinda scary huh?” Shadow stuttered.
“Nah, you big wimp!” Sonic laughed. Suddenly, a mouse ran across the floor. “AH, RAT!” screeched Shadow at the top of his voice, jumping on top of Sonic causing them both to fall to the ground. “RUN!” he screamed as the two boys ran straight out of the secret passage, through the shattered glass doors and straight out of the school grounds, shrieking like little school girls all the way home.


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