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Chapter 5 - Shadow's Pizza Express

Another DA fic. Story me and my sis write when we have time.
Sonic and the gang go to school with completely different personalities! Mainly follows Sonic and Shadow.

Chapter 5 - Shadow's Pizza Express

Chapter 5 - Shadow's Pizza Express
At Home
Sonic and Shadow were in Sonic’s room (The most hygienic of the two hedgehog’s rooms which wasn’t covered with left over pizza and cans of coke) Spread across Sonic’s bed reading the info they had printed on Gina and Liv. Sonic was obviously reading the information on Gina and Shadow was reading the information on Liv. After half an hour the hedgehog’s swapped the papers around.
“Hey, check this out!” Said Sonic. “Liv’s scared of the dark!” he said bursting out with laughter.
“Shut up!” Shadow shrieked. “Well guess what? Gina’s scared of spiders!” Shadow replied trying to think of a better comeback but failing miserably. They then pounced on each other, locked in a fist fight screaming bad things about Gina and Liv, Sonic defending Gina and Shadow defending Liv. Suddenly, Sonic’s face dropped. “What, what is it?” Shadow asked suddenly. “I was enjoying beating you up!” But Sonic wasn’t laughing. “It says here that Liv used to have three older siblings, two boys and one girl who were triplets.
“…So?” Shadow shrugged after two minutes. Suddenly, Sonic had another flashback. He pictured himself, Manic and Sonia playing together and his mother walking in holding a newly born blue hedgehog.
“Sonic, Manic, Sonia, meet your baby sister, Liv!” She smiled warmly. Sonic gazed down at the young hedgehog and identified her as Liv but then the flashback ended. Suddenly Sonic collapsed off the bed.
“Oh my gosh, I’m related to that annoying brat, Liv!” He shrieked. “She’s my younger sister!”
“Hey, what’s so bad about her? You’ve barley talked to her! In fact, you haven’t!” Shadow pointed out, defending her but Sonic wasn’t paying attention.
“It’s all coming back to me know, how she always got her own way, how she always blamed me for messes!” Just then, Shadow also had a flashback. He was very young and standing with his friend Maria staring at a huge test tube containing a female hedgehog in it. Dr Gerald, Shadow’s creator pressed a button and smoke appeared in the test tube as it opened up.
“Shadow, meet Gina, your sister!” Dr Gerald grinned and then the flashback ended.
“AHHHHH!” Shadow screamed as he too fell off the bed and started squirming on the floor like an idiot.
“Why me? That imbecile is my sister!” Sonic stopped screaming and turned towards Shadow causing him to stop squirming. Deep down, they both cared greatly about their sisters and both wanted to protect them. Sonic was scared that Shadow wouldn’t treat Liv properly if she went out with him and the same went for Shadow and Gina.
“LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE!” They both shouted at the same time, eyeing each other angrily causing Amy to fiercely burst in.
”IT’S 3AM, YOU JUST WOKE EVERYONE UP! AND WHY AREN’T YOU IN BED SHADOW?” She squealed. Luckily, she didn’t notice the two pieces of paper containing the information. Shadow miserably trailed back to his room, throwing all the clothes and coke cans off his bed to make room to get some sleep.

Next Day
Thankfully, it was the weekend. Sonic and Shadow woke up, 2PM as usual and went downstairs to watch TV. It was proving difficult though since Charmy was flying around the room singing his theme song.
“He fights in a vest, that covers up his chest, here comes Charmy to the rescue!” He sang, doing karate chops in all over the room, regularly flying past the TV getting in Sonic and Shadow’s way.
“What do we do now?” Sonic asked.
“Charmy, there’s a ninja outside that’s looking for a fight!” Shadow sighed.
“Ooh, a ninja! My time to shine!” Charmy shrieked as he quickly flew outside.
“Good, now we can watch Johnny Test again!” Shadow grinned.

After Johnny Test, the two hedgehogs went to work at “Shadow’s Pizza Express” to do their 20 minutes shift. Shadow was once the boss but got demoted by Boss Budson to coat hanger. Sonic was the very much loved waiter, whom girls were always fluttering over him and boys were always saying how cool he was. Shadow on the other hand was just a coat hanger and seemed like a piece of wood to everyone, until now. Whilst doing their shift, 2 hedgehogs walked in. Shadow’s eyes widened.
“Hey Sonic, look at that table.” Shadow said, pointing to the table where they had sat down.
“Yeah, I’m looking at the table, what about it?” Sonic said who was in fact looking at the actual table.
“Ok now look at the people sitting at the table.”
“Ooooh!” Sonic grinned seeing that it was in fact Gina sitting at the table but then frowned when he saw Liv sitting next to her. He was just about to go and take their order when Shadow put his arm in front of him.
”I’ve got this one.” He said, walking towards the table.
“Oh no you haven’t!” Sonic said as he sped past him and right to the table.
“And what can I do for a hot girl?” He asked staring at Gina. He then turned towards Liv, frowning and added “And her pet dog.” Liv scrunched her face up but Shadow came to save the day.
“I think he got that the wrong way around!” He said looking towards Liv.
“No no, it’s definitely the right way round!” Sonic replied.
“Shadow, what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be taking coats!” Boss Budson squealed in his Texas accent as he walked over to Shadow. Shadow growled and stomped back to the coats hangers. As he turned around, he received a small wink from Liv which made him leap up with joy and happily grab people’s coats for the rest of his shift.


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