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Chapter 6 - Sonic's Zit Problems

Another DA fic. Story me and my sis write when we have time.
Sonic and the gang go to school with completely different personalities! Mainly follows Sonic and Shadow.

Chapter 6 - Sonic's Zit Problems

Chapter 6 - Sonic's Zit Problems
“Ewww, you want me to squeeze it?” Shadow asked the next morning as Sonic stared horrifically into the mirror, a huge zit placed right in the middle of his forehead.
”No, how am I gonna ask her to the dance with this thing on my head?” Sonic fretted. A letter had been sent to all students about a school dance occurring on the day everyone returned to school after finishing their history projects. The wondrous week off had finally begun since, they didn’t have to go in for the whole of next week!
“So you do want me to squeeze it?” Shadow asked.
“NOOOOO! I’ll just cover it up, with, this, uh, Amy’s hat!” Sonic grinned as he picked it up. Shadow gave Sonic a weird look.
“Sonic, it’s pink with flowers all over it!” He pointed out.
“So, we’ll just have to give it a makeover as girls say!” Sonic replied. “Genius, as usual!” Sonic and Shadow spent the rest of the evening preparing Sonic’s “Zit Relief” hat. After 2 long hours of busy work, it was finally finished.
“So, what do you think?” Shadow asked.
“Shadow, all we did was stick more flowers on it and dye it a darker pink! That’s even girlier than how Amy made it!” Sonic yelled.
“Ok, no problem, we’ll just pick you up a top hat from the store.”
“Shadow, are you really are dumb as Amy describes you on the phone to her friends? The shops are all closed and the school dance is in a week!” Sonic shouted.
“…Amy says your dumb too!” Shadow replied after about a minute.
“What ever, this zit is proving a problem!” Sonic said, trying to keep himself under control.
“Sonic! I noticed that big zit on your head when you were eating breakfast so I got you some zit cream.” Amy smiled as she burst into the room and threw the cream on Sonic’s bed.
“Finally, I’m saved!” Sonic smiled as he took the tube and squeezed the whole thing over his head.
“Uh Sonic, I don’t think that’s how you do it.” Shadow commented.
“Yes it is!” Sonic yelled and threw the tube to the bin, missing it by a mile. “I’ll be better in no time!”
“Anyway, now that your zit’s taken care of, we have to think about our tuxes!” Shadow pointed out.
“Oh yeah, your right, We’ll do it tomorrow.” Sonic said hopefully.
“Fine.” Shadow replied.

Next Day:

It was the first day of the school’s week off for the history projects but history was the last thing on the hedgehog’s minds. Of course it was 2PM as the boys slowly slumped downstairs to eat “Breakfast” which was really lunch now. As they got downstairs, they saw all of their roommates sitting on the large brown table eating their lunch. Of course, Amy had left Sonic a bowl of porridge and Shadow a bowl of Coco Pops on the table from breakfast.
“Where’s Amy?” Sonic asked as he scanned the room but found no sign of the pink hedgehog.
“She is out shopping, didn’t you hear her?” Tails yelled across the room, slamming his history project on the table in frustration. He was sitting at a small circular table with Wave, Silver and Geoffrey, the regular study group and they were all preparing their history projects.
“Yes, have a little dignity Sonic, honestly, it’s monstrous!” Silver said as he took his glasses off his nose and wiped them with a rectangular cloth. Shadow wasn’t exactly hearing any of this, he was falling asleep from the lecture he was getting from the “Nerds” as he liked to call them. Shadow pictured himself and Liv dancing in a field of roses, his true wish but he wasn’t expecting to receive a large whack around the head from Tails’ reading book.
“Hey, what did you do that for?” Shadow yelled with clenched fists.
“WELL IF YOU WERE LISTENING, YOU MIGHT HAVE HEARD ME!” Tails screeched at the top of his lungs. Shadow grumbled under his breath and walked away to eat his Coco Pops. Suddenly, a horrific scream was heard by Sonic.
“I told you that wasn’t the way to put it on.” Shadow said proudly. “You used it all over your spines and not a drop actually went on your zit!”
“I’m almost certain it did! Now where’s that tube?” Sonic asked, rummaging around on the floor.
“Look, it doesn’t matter now!” Shadow said through gritted teeth. Suddenly, Sonic and Shadow had realized that everyone had left the table to go and either study or do their history projects.
“Do you think we should do ours too?” Sonic asked.
“No way man, what’s gotten into you!” Shadow replied.
“It’s just that, Manic might have wanted to, you know?” Sonic said with watery eyes. Shadow rolled his eyes and then an idea sprouted in his mind.
“Hey Geoffrey, how do you feel about doing our history projects for us?” Shadow asked.
“As much as I enjoy doing history projects, Amy has forbidden me from helping you!” Geoffrey replied chuckling a little.
“And that is funny because?” Shadow asked sarcastically.
“Doesn’t matter!” Geoffrey grinned.
“Uh, I’ve always found something freaky about that boy!” Shadow shuddered as he and Sonic began to walk the opposite way.
“What do you find freaky about him, the way he has pointy teeth or his weird smile?” Sonic asked.
“Ummm, both?” Shadow replied helplessly. At that moment, Amy ran through the front door and grabbed her pink purse of the kitchen table.
”Sorry, forgot my purse! I’m going to do some grocery shopping because your all such pigs! I’m taking my motorbike that you say is tattered with me so I won’t be back until supper.” Amy explained. “Do you think you could watch the, you know, the, kinda, dangerous ones?” Amy asked turning towards Vector. She moved closer to him and whispered something in his ear. “You know, like Blaze and Cosmo? I hear Cosmo’s having a hard time at the moment, trying to buy someone else’s house to grow flowers in.”
“What’s in it for me?” Vector asked. Moments later, he received a slap across his face.
“You will be helping your friends! The reward is happiness! I’ll take that as a yes, I’ll be back by supper.” Amy screamed before slamming the door. Vector just blinked in shock and returned to mopping the floor. Of course, moments later Blaze had snuck out of the house through the window and was already soaring across roofs. Cosmo was sitting at a desk counting up money from a piggybank covered in flowers.
“Just a bit more and then I can buy the flower mansion!” Cosmo said to herself. “Only $100, 000 to go!” Meanwhile, Sonic and Shadow were sitting down attempting to eat their breakfast.
“I’d rather eat a hoover!” Shadow complained as he poked his soggy Coco Pops with his finger.
“Well I’m not exactly having a cup of tea over here!” Sonic commented as he spooned up some porridge and put it next to his face, sniffing it. He moved it away in disgust and shoved the spoon back into the bowl but unfortunately, he did it harshly and the spoonful of porridge flew into his face.
“Forget it, I’m getting some real food!” Shadow fumbled as he threw the Coco Pops to the floor. Vector gasped and ran over, taking the cloth out of his back project and wiping it up.
“Prefect, you made a distraction! Let’s go for Amy’s stash!” Sonic grinned before jumping out of his chair.
“WAIT!” Vector screamed as he leaned up.
“Oh no, he’s onto us!” Shadow whispered to Sonic.
“…You forgot to wipe your feet!” Vector pointed out whilst pointing to a small doormat that read “Home sweet Home” on it. Sonic and Shadow looked at each other and then quickly ran over to wipe their feet. Vector merely nodded and got back to wiping the carpet. “Teenager germs!” He sighed.
“Come on!” Shadow said whilst pointing to a large chocolate cake filled with a total of 8000 calories in each slice and of course, Sonic and Shadow would have at least five slices each! After finishing their chocolate cake and putting 5 stones on each, they decided to go their separate ways. Sonic went to the bathroom to do his quills whilst Shadow went to his room and decided it was time to clean it up.
“Uh, my room is so dirty! I guess its ok but just to be on the safe side, I’d better pour this coke all over my bed.” He said whilst taking the coke bottle in his hand and emptying it’s contents on his bed sheets.

In the shops:

“La la la la la la la la!” Amy sung loudly whilst gathering around 12 cans of mushy tinned peas into a shopping trolley. She was just about to make her way to the counter but she spotted something that she knew Sonic would love! “Wow, oatmeal and porridge mixed? Now he doesn’t have to wait two days in a row to have each of them!” She said gleefully as she picked up 10 boxes and put them in with her mushy peas. Just as Amy was making her way out from the shopping centre, she noticed a familiar figure standing on the roof of the shop. Amy’s eyes widened with shock and anger.
“Blaze, you get down from there this instant!” Amy yelled but Blaze took no notice and leapt from the roof, aiming for a small hut around 3 meters away. Amy almost fainted as Blaze landed on the hut, almost falling off but she made it. Suddenly, a tiny shape jumped after her. “CHARMY!” Amy screamed as the bee tried to jump as far as Blaze had done but he failed miserably and plummeted down into Amy’s shopping basket, squishing all of her products, making her mushy Pease even mushier. Charmy poked his head out of the trolley and grinned at Amy who in turn, fainted.

Back at home:

Sonic and Shadow were sitting on a sofa discussing the school prom when they heard the door burst open. The both turned around to see Amy standing in the doorway, Charmy and Blaze at each side of her. Charmy had a scared expression on his face but Blaze had her arms folded with a scowl on her face. Amy looked like she had gone for a swim in a river on the way home and was gripping the bee and the cat by their ears and antenna as she dragged them inside. Vector came rushing over to her and followed behind the three with a mop cleaning up a long trail of mud that led behind them. Shadow looked confused but Sonic just looked plain mad, he had just been interrupted in the greatest bit of Toy Story 2 where Woody saved Wheezy from the yard sale. Just then, Shadow gave Sonic the signal and they snuck upstairs before Amy had the chance to start yelling at them for not brushing their teeth.
“So, when are you gonna make your move Sonic?” Shadow asked.
“Ah you know, when I feel relaxed enough!” Sonic replied. “Oh and by the way, what move on who?”
“On Gina of course!” Shadow accidentally yelled at the top of his voice.
“Ooooooh!” Sonic replied. “Well what about you my friend? When are you gonna make your move?”
“I plan to do the same as you!” Shadow muttered.
“Whatever.” Sonic sighed. Suddenly, there was a horrific snort heard from outside Sonic’s door.
“oh no, there’s only one person who can snore that badly!” Shadow sighed.
“ROUGE!’ The two said simultaneously. At that moment Rouge burst through the door.
“I can’t believe you like…wait…who do you like again? Oh man, I’ve forgotten!” She screamed. “Anyway, I’m smart and I’m going to study for the history report, with the smart people! What are you losers doing all day?”
“Sitting in bed, watching Toy Story and drinking coke!” Sonic grinned.
”Whatever! Losers.” Rouge replied.
“Whatever, don’t get hit by a bus! I mean, do get his by a bus! Whatever…” Shadow retorted.


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