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Chapter 7 - Getting Their Tuxes

Another DA fic. Story me and my sis write when we have time.
Sonic and the gang go to school with completely different personalities! Mainly follows Sonic and Shadow.

Chapter 7 - Getting Their Tuxes

Chapter 7 - Getting Their Tuxes
The third day had sprung and Sonic and Shadow still hadn’t managed to start their History reports. As usual, they were slumping downstairs at 2PM to eat their left out breakfast. Amy had left out a bowl of Special K for Shadow and a bowl of porridge-oatmeal mix for Sonic.
“I don’t believe it…s-special-k! Doesn’t that have like, two calories in it or something?” Shadow muttered. Sonic picked the box up.
“One.” He replied shortly.
“How am I supposed to start my day fresh unless I have at least a 500 calorie breakfast?!” Shadow fretted.
“Well look at the Brightside, at least you don’t have a porridge AND oatmeal mix!” Sonic sighed. At that moment Vector plunged through the door.
“Sonic, Shadow, I’ve got great news, were going fishing!” He gleamed. The two hedgehogs looked blankly at each other.
“But it’s Walt Disney Wednesday!” Shadow replied with a horrified look on his face.
“Yeah! We’ve got it all planned out! We start off with Monster’s Inc. followed by Mulan AND Mulan 2 then we swing through the trees with Tarzan and then…”
“Yeah yeah, I get it.” Vector replied downheartedly. Just then, the Monster’s Inc. opening was heard so Sonic and Shadow ran to the television. Vector followed them and picked up the remote. Standing behind the chair that Sonic and Shadow were sitting on, he pressed the off button. Sonic and Shadow screamed until Vector hit them across the head with a mop
“WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?” sonic and shadow both yelled simultaneously.
“That was for being lazy! Now were going fishing!” Vector grinned. “And I said Big could come too, he wants some friends for Froggy plus some injured animals for him to tend to.” Sonic and Shadow shot a horrified glance at one another but before they knew it, Vector had manhandled them into the back of the car and was already driving off, Big plonked in the seat next to him. Of course, both being immature, Sonic and Shadow both started screeching and whacking the windows attempting to escape from the car.

At the fishing spot:
Big immediately leaped (which was a big step for Big!) out of the car and ran to the nearest fishing spot, Froggy hopping behind him. Sonic and Shadow were still in the car, petrified from the horrific smell of pondweed.
“Well aren’t you coming?” Vector asked, jumping out of the car, his fishing gear in one hand and a hat placed on his head, a fishing hat to be exact.
“No.” Shadow replied whilst Sonic shook his head.
“Duh!” Sonic mumbled. Vector just shrugged and rushed off to where Big was fishing.
“Hey I know something better we can do Sonic.” Shadow whispered whilst Sonic leant closer to him. “We can sneak out! Go and get our tuxes and maybe even a top hat! Go watch a Disney movie, ya know, the usual. And I’m sure Walt Disney Wednesday isn’t finished!”
“That does sound like fun Shadow my friend!” Sonic grinned. “Let’s go!”
“So how do we get back?” Shadow pondered.
“Easy! We could take a bus and we’d get home around the part of Monster’s Inc. where that big guy, what’s his name, Muzzy?”
“Sulley.” Shadow replied with an angry expression.
“Right, when Sulley thinks Boo’s been killed by the garbage thing, that’s near to the end of the film. On the other hand, we could just run back and we’d get there in time to catch the opening sequence.” Sonic pointed out. Shadow cocked his head to one side.
“So the best thing to do would be…”
“Oh wait, I got this! The best thing to do would be to take a bus!” Sonic grinned whilst Shadow nodded in approval.
“Bus it is!”

At the tux shop:
“So, what do you think of this one?” Sonic asked as he stepped out of the changing rooms sporting a luminous orange tuxedo complete with a top hat, pocket watch and cane.
“Hmmmm…It’s missing one more thing.” Shadow said whilst grabbing a bright blue cape and draping it over Sonic’s shoulders. “Perfect!” Sonic grinned.
“Now your turn.” Sonic said. Shadow ran into the changing room and within minutes returned in a bright pink tuxedo complete with a piano tie and a bow tie as well. Sonic clapped in approval and the two grinned. Just then, they spotted Gina and Liv trying on some beautiful dresses. Gina had a silver dress on whilst Liv had a red one. Immediately Sonic and Shadow started drooling followed by a hard yank of the ear.
“I thought I saw you two here!” The person yelled.
“Amy? What are you doing here?” Sonic asked.
“In public!?” Shadow added. Amy ignored his comment and begun to make a scene.
“Listen, you just go off and ditch Vector and Big like that! I mean, Vector’s like a dad to you and you just run off! He was just trying to take his boys fishing!” Amy babbled leaving Sonic and Shadow to heavily blush out of embarrassment. Gina and Liv, overhearing the scene snickered under their breath and then left the shop. Sonic and Shadow noticed this and stared angrily at the door.
“Gee thanks a lot Amy!” Sonic muttered.
“Are you even listening?” Amy screamed, not noticing Sonic’s previous comment. She continued to lecture them in public and then dragged them home.

In Shadow’s room (for a change):
“Man I can’t believe Amy embarrassed us like that!” Sonic wailed as he held his head. But Shadow wasn’t listening, he was off in a daydream again but it wasn’t a normal one. Every time he tried to picture Liv’s beautiful face, Gina’s came to mind instead and it was beginning to bug him.
“Hey Sonic, tell your girlfriend to get out of my head!” Shadow screamed at sonic unexpected who was cut off in mid sentence.
“Okaaaaay.” Sonic replied a little scared. “Gina, get out of Shadow’s head!” Shadow smiled a thanks.
“Hey Sonic, did you ever wonder how that ugly thing is my sister?” Shadow asked randomly. Sonic stared at Shadow in an outrageous way as if Shadow had just got an A in Spanish.
“Well having my sister ain’t no basket of roses for me either pal!” Sonic shouted back. The two ended up wrestling each other to the floor as Amy walked in dropping a tray of cookies on the floor.
“I tell you to think about what you did and you’re up here wrestling! I just baked these cookies for you but you can just eat them off the floor now!” She screamed slamming the door. Sonic and Shadow eyed the cookies piled across the floor before looking at each other.
“Works for me!” Sonic said as they both rushed over to eat the cookies. After stuffing their faces with germ ridden cookies, Shadow had an idea.
“Hey Sonic, wanna go boarding?” He asked.
“Shadow, this is just really random stuff happening now! I mean, fishing, Disney, we need to get serious bro!” Sonic replied.
“As usual Sonic, your right!” Shadow said.


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