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Chapter 5 - Jinx in the store of jewels

What happens when the Mayor of amity park calls on the Teen Titans to help capture Inviso-Bill or Danny Phantom? You just might have to read to fined out! This story should have laffs and action the rest will be a suprize!

Chapter 5 - Jinx in the store of jewels

Chapter 5 - Jinx in the store of jewels

Surviving the Titans

Ch 5: Jinx in the store of jewels

“Well ya, it went pretty well, but they definitely still don't trust me.” Danny said into the phone. He was sitting on his bed tinkering with a model rocket. It was one he finished recently since Skulker crushed his other one. “No, of course not, what am I suppose to do go `hey guys I'm Danny Fenton and I'm also public enemy number one Danny Phantom!' they'd kill me before I had a chance to say `boo'.” He paused for a moment listening. “I know Sam but I don't think its a good time yet, I'm just waiting for the right moment...” He stopped again. “Well if I can get away with never.... I will.” Danny pulled the phone away form his ear as a yell came through the phone. “Uhh... Sam?” He waited for an answer and replied. “Oh, bummer, I'll let you go then. Ya, talk to you later. Okay! I get it, what do you want me too do about it? No I can't do that. NO! Sam, you know I can't over shadow your mom just because you don't want to ware a dress!..... Well, then go. I understand, okay, bye Sam.” Danny hung up the phone.

As he set his rocket aside he heard a knock at his door. “Danny?” It was Jazz. She opened the door slowly and walked in. “How are you?”

Danny gave her an odd look, “Fine... I just have a load of homework I don't want to do, but have to do. Tuck is always pressing me for details on the Titans, he's obsessed, he thinks Star is hot and Cy is the coolest thing that ever walked the planet!”

Suddenly the door flung open and the three male Titans entered the room. Beast Boy stopped when he saw Jazz, hearts filled his eyes. “BB, you are crazy! How would you know? You wouldn`t know!” Cyborg growled.

“Hu?” Beast Boy said coming out of his daze. “Oh, well, I think you're crazy! I mean is it that hard to believe? Ghost are weird Raven is weird, and she likes weird! Plus of course I don`t know, that`s why they call it a theory! Hello!”

“Like you're zombie theory?” Robin laughed.

“What are you talking about?” Jazz asked.

“Beast Boy thinks Raven likes the ghost boy.”

Danny stood, “What makes him think that?”

“Duh! She never took her eyes off of him and like she was the first one at the fountain!”

“And you know this how?” Cyborg asked. Then in a more mocking voice. “You like her don't you?”


“Well if you don't then how do you know all that stuff? I think you were staring at her!”

“I was not!”

Robin looked at Danny with a `here we go again' look. “So Robin, how was the meeting with Danny Phantom?” Danny asked.

“Okay.... hey, how did you know about that?”

`Ooops.” Danny thought, “Uh... I, uh.”

“I told him.” Jazz said.

“How do you know about it?” Beast Boy asked.

“Star mentioned it.”

“Oh.” The trio said in unison.

Suddenly there was a beeping and Robin pulled out his communicator “Mayor?”

“Titans! Trouble!” Then he laughed. “I always wanted to say that!”

“Ghost trouble?” Cyborg asked.

“No, its a robbery, and a big one, our officers can't get near them!”

“Alright we're on it!” The three Titans ran out of the room and Danny followed.

“Danny! Wait!” Jazz called, but he either didn't hear her or didn't mind.

Out at Cyborgs car, the Teen Titans gathered, Starfire and Raven were there too, they had joined up in the living room. “What are you doing?!” Robin demanded when Danny came to a stop.

“I want to come.”

“No way.”

“Why not?”

“Hello, we're the ones with the training and powers here!” Beast Boy blurted.

“Stay here!” Robin ordered.

The Titans climbed in the car and drove off. Danny watched with slumped shoulders. Then an idea hit. “You told Danny Fenton no but,” Danny's eyes flashed green. “you never tooled Danny to stay away. Going Ghost!” He transformed and soared off.

Jack peeked out the front door right after and shrugged, then he went back inside to get a cookie from Maddie.


Danny fallowed Cyborg's car from above. They came to a stop in front of a jewelry store. “Titans! Go!” He heard Robin yell he swooped down fast and invisibly fazed through the ceiling. There stood a large - man? He was furry and large and muscled. He was carrying a bag loaded with anything his 2 friends got there hands on. One was pony short and balled and had an annoying voice. The other was tall thin and pink. She was the first to see the Titans.

“Snot burgers!: The tiny one yelled. “What are the butter scotched mule munglers doing here?”

`Well that was an interesting choice of words.' Danny thought.

“Well if it isn't the hive Triplets?” Cyborg ground.

`Obviously not a fan.'

The Titans sprung on the trio. Danny cheered them on invisibly from where he floated by the ceiling because they didn't need his help. “This is awesome! The Teen Titans in action!”

The pink one which Robin and Cyborg called Jinx knocked Raven across the store and jumped out of the brawl. “Huh?” Danny looked on confused `what is she up too?' She ran down a hall leading too a back room, Danny followed. She stopped in a separate office room and started rummaging through her pockets. Danny became visible behind her but she of course was looking the other way. “What are you doing?” Danny asked.

She nearly reached the roof how bad she jumped. She turned around quick. “Who are you?!”

“Danny Phantom.”

“Well Danny this doesn't involve you so I suggest you leave.”

“I don't think so, you robbing, I'm stopping.”

“Actually, there robbing, I'm just -” she pulled something out of her pocket and pressed a button. The wall behind her exploded reviling a now opened volt. She reached in and out fast. “Stealing this!” She fired at Danny with one of her pink blast, but it just went through him. “What are you?!”

“Danny!” Robin barked. Danny flinched, he knew Robin probably wouldn't like him to interfere. “What are you doing?!”

“Trying to help!”

“Oh? By letting the bad guy get away?”

Danny turned to see Jinx sneaking away, she stopped and smiled, then ran. Danny shot off and grabbed her. “I wouldn't have let her get away!” Danny said “You just distracted me.”

“So it's my fault there's a hole in the wall?”

“No, that would be her fault.” Danny lifted jinx so there eyes were level, “What did you steal?”

“S-some device, its in my pocket.” She said nervously. “I don't know what it does.”

Robin walked up and took the device out it was white with red lights on it. “A chip?” Danny asked.

“I don't think so.”

Danny sat Jinx down but left a firm grip on her wrist. He looked at it. “It looks familiar.” Danny looked even closer at it, there was a small word printed on it. Dalv. `Vlad!' Danny thought. “Why would they steal this?” Danny grab it out of Robins hand but dropped it just as fast. He let out a yelp and stuck his hands in his mouth.

Robin picked it up and looked sideways at Danny. “What?”

“It burns!” Danny yelled.

“What? It does not!” Jinx said pulling to escape Danny's solid grip. “Your hand is freezing! Let me go!”

Robin laughed. “What did you expect?” Robin asked. “He's a ghost.”

Jinx fainted right there and then. “Smooth.” Danny said catching her. “Now what?”

“I'll take her to the police vehicle with her friends out front, you better go. They still think your public enemy #1 remember?”

“How could I forget?” Danny groaned, then handed Jinx to Robin and soared out through the roof.


Robin came out carrying Jinx in his arms. He handed her to the police and walked over to the others but looked back at the building.

“Robin?” Starfire questioned.


“What happened in the store of jewels?”

“I just ran into a friend.” Robin pulled out the device and handed it too Cyborg. “Find out what this is, have the Fenton's help you and if you can find out who owns it.”


“It hurts ghosts.”

“What would the hive want with something that hurts ghost?” Beast Boy asked.

“Who knows, but what ever it is it can't be good. Danny Phantom may be in trouble and... Well I think the rules have changed.” Robin said. “Titans. We're in Amity Park and we'd better adapt.”

Beast Boy razed his hand. “I think Robin's gone mad and I vote we should select a new leader.”




Okay what did you think? This chapter I swear tried to kill me! Big bombing writers block! Oh also the story was edited by my sister Dai. This chapter is kinda boring. and I know I've been promising it for a wile but the up coming chapters will be better! I just don't want it to go to fast. Though I am worried I may be losing the readers interest.

The upcoming chapters will have fighting and chocolate eating. (where did that come from?) oh and maybe a lil romance? (maybe, very little)

Put reviews on bottom so you could get to the story faster.....

ghostreader: One thing thank you for the concern. I seriously know the need for me to learn to spell... I do use the spell check. I just have trouble with the homophones and stuff that is spelled smaller.

Jamie: Maybe there will be romance, though I'm not sure about Danny and Raven but I did that hole seen with BB and them sort of to skim the idea.

Long lost sorrow: Thanks! Here's this chapter I hope it doesn't keep taking me as long to up date but I have a time limit on the computer now. Parents.

I Am The Krow

Kay, thanks for the coment.

animeandcartoonlunatic1305: Thanks!

Millie M. Banshee: Good story! I mean that but, um, OMG the grammar and spelling errors. They say my grammar is bad but yours well it's just eek! It's just terrible. Here some things you are going to have to fix some. "Hay" is what horses eat "hey" is a greeting, "great" is something large or good not "grate" is grinning like is what you do to cheese for tachos or salads, it's "has been spotted" not "has bin spotted", it's "phase" not "faze", it's "echo ray" not "ecto ray", it's "dodged" not "dogged", it's "heart" not "hart", it' "towards" not "toured, and so on. A dictionary is useful as is spelling and grammar check program.

Anjera: I know, My sis is helping me! I am really really sorry about you getting a headache because of me!

Ya I know evil Dan Phantom, and that is definitely worth considering!

Erinyes Star: My sis is helping me now and I did try to get some one to be my beta but my computer won't email to any of the people who offer, something about a server...

Amber: As I have toled every one else thank you and I'm so sorry!


phantomgirl07: I do use a spell check believe it or not! Thanks for understanding though!

RobinisDaBomb: Thanks! I like the DP TT crossovers too!

almostinsane:Great chapter!

X2)midnightgoth9: Thanks I spend allot of time trying to keep the characters in character.... Thanks! You really think so? Well if you say so. I just wanted to put in Dash because he is an important character. That would help if you could be my beta but my email doesn't seam to want to email some people....something to do with a server.

Zaneta: I know your not flaming and I understand trust me you are not the only person to state these things... I think I'm writing impaired....

atlantiandragoness: Thanks!


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