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Chapter 1 - Fun,playing ,and cherry blossom trees

eh dont know how to expain it but Jaide,Max,NPG,Amy,Sonic,Cream,and Katrina are in it and I will add yours if you want!

Chapter 1 - Fun,playing ,and cherry blossom trees

Chapter 1 - Fun,playing ,and cherry blossom trees
Chapter one
Out in the cherry blossom field there Jaide,Max,NPG,Amy,Sonic,Cream,and Katrina are. Cream siting against a evergreen with cheese swiming in a stream right by her.Amy and Sonic are running through and out of everywhere playing tag.Jaide,Max,and NPG all by a the tree with the most cherry blossoms talking about love,school,and gossiping.Since it was a windy day but still in the 70s to 80s Katrina was flying in the wind with her wings flapping hard going to flower to flower.It was the country side were no houses were found."Hey Sonic what do you think it will be like in heaven?"Asked Amy."I don't know.Never thought about it.Sonic awnsered."I hope its as good as this place!"Amy spoke."Heaven should be a wounderful place."Added Jaide."Lovley"Cream said as she thought.As they sat the sky turned dark."I'v got to go now.Seeya later"Said Cream as she waved good by."My parents let me stay up till 12:ooA.M."said Jaide."I'v got to go aslo.I have aplay tomarrow and I should get ready for the big day."Katrina said as she flapped to the ground."Seeya."She said.NPG looked at her clock."Crap!I was ecxposed to be home at 6:00!!Seeya!!"she said as she ran of grabing her backpack."Hey Sonic and Amy me and Max are leavingso seeya at school!"Jaide shouted."You just read my mind!"Said Sonic."Hey Sonic can you give me a ride?!"Asked Amy."Sure!"He said as he picked up Amy in his arms."Max I hope you won't mind me asking but can you walk me home?"Jaide said with a frown on her face."I get kind of freaked out at night out alone."She added."Of course I can!"He said.Then playfully pushed her."Hey!"She yelled joyfully and ran back to push him.
Chapter 2 coming soon!


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Neopetgirl on January 13, 2007, 8:51:03 AM

Neopetgirl on
NeopetgirlAww,that is so awesome Jaide!!
I'm asking the same thing,why didn't I see this earlier?Ugh i'm dumb..

Nice job,you're defintely improving on your writing,please do continue this!^^

Max2085 on January 8, 2007, 9:18:03 AM

Max2085 on
Max2085Why didn't I see this earlier!? XD Great story so far, Jaide! It's so cute! :3