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Chapter 2 - Run and Frog

eh dont know how to expain it but Jaide,Max,NPG,Amy,Sonic,Cream,and Katrina are in it and I will add yours if you want!

Chapter 2 - Run and Frog

Chapter 2 - Run and Frog
Chaper 2
"Come on run ya slowpoke!"Jaide yelled playfuly."Oh you just asked for it!"Max said as he grabbed her hand and pulled her back and spun her around and ran off."Hey!"She yelled as she ran to catch up."Come on you'll never catch up like that!"Max yelled back and with that he ran back and grabbd her hand urging her to come on with her tripping but keeping on her feet."Hey Max wait!Look".She said as she pointed at a tree."Ya so?"Max asked."Lets write Max + Jaide!"She yelled. "Ya good idea!" He said back.After they wrote that they kissed under the moon."Come on its already 9:42pm and its raining."He told her.
As Katrina flew through the midnight air it started to rain."Ahhhhh!!My wings!!"She yelled."Well this sucks....At least it can't get any worse"and as she said that she heard a "Ribbit!"and as she turned she saw a giant frog."Big...Gigantic....frog..."She said quietly."Ribbit"As it stuck its tounge out."Don't you dare touch me with tha-Ahhh!!"She said as it tarted tord her.As she ran for her life she ran into some one."SONIC!!Theres a gigantic frog back there trying to eat me!!"She yelled.Come on then"He said as he took her in his arms.RIBBIT! RIBBIT!"Went the frog when they lost him."That was a close one...Thanks Sonic."She said as she moved her wet hair out of her face."No prob!Were are we?He asked."We are in Giant forest.She said.You mean you live here??!!"He asked."No I live on the other side of here."She awnserd."So you walk through here all the time??!!"He yelled. No not unless it raining usally I fly.Why are you here?"She asked."I got lost taking Amy home."He awnserd."Come on Ill take ya home and you can stay at my place and Ill fly ya to school tomarrow!"She said."Okay!"He said.


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Max2085 on April 24, 2007, 2:07:32 PM

Max2085 on
Max2085WHy am I so far behind on this stuff? I just wonted to check up on stories and saw this XDDD;;;;*shot* Nice job :3 (Gosh, Februay? Am i am retarted?? XDDD)

Neopetgirl on February 11, 2007, 3:04:17 PM

Neopetgirl on
Neopetgirlhehe,once again nice work!^-^
Awwww!Max and Jaide,they're so cute together!^^
YAY!*starts eating skittles*