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Chapter 2 - 2th december

enjoy the Christmas time^^

Chapter 2 - 2th december

Chapter 2 - 2th december
2th December
Dairi wake up early in the morning, he was still sleepy, wasn’t so good at this wake up early thing.
He slowly climbed out of bed and walked slowly down the stairs.
He’s dad and grandpa was already finished with the breakfast.
Dairi took some bread and put on some butter.
You will be home alone today after school Dairi, he’s mum said.
Huh? Where are you going? Dairi asked.
I and your dad are going out for some shopping, and your grandpa will be out of the house in some hours too. He’s mum answered as she concentrated about removing a spot on the bench.
You can ask tekish and Erika if you want to, he’s mum continued.
Okay I will do that, Dairi said and went up on he’s room to get dressed.
On school he met Erika and tekish and asked them to come over after school.
They agreed and as soon as the bell rang they all went over to dairis house.
They entered and tekish just throwed away he’s school bag and just let she shoes stand in the middle of the floor.
Erika put her school bad gently on the floor and placed her shoes were shoes was supposed to be.
Dairi smiled a bit and they both entered the living room where tekish was already ready to bomb the living room.
He had throwed some pillows and the floor and was sitting with he’s feet on the table, desperately trying to manage the next level on super smash bros melee.
He and Dairi was always competing at that game, Dairi throwed he after the play station stick and turned on the 2-player mode.
Erika was just shaking her head with a smile and sat down next to them.
After Dairi had beaten tekish at the game several time, tekish throwed away the stick and hit Dairi with a pillow.
There you go for cheating! Tekish laughed.
I don’t know any cheat codes on this game! Dairi said
And throwed another pillow back at him.
Then a mad mad pillow fight broke loose and Erika was running around throwing pillows back at them.
When they stopped they could see all the pillows on the floor and some curtains had fallen down.
They laughed and began cleaning up.
Hey, wanna go chek out the mall tomorrow..i need to get some presents for some friends, erika said to dairi and tekish.
Yeah that would be cool, tekish said.
Yeah, sure why not? Dairi smiled.


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