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[font=Söhne,]Nestled in the heart of America, the enchanting Kansas City beckons, leaving many to ponder, "Where is Kansas City?" [color=#1155cc][font=Arial][u][url=][/url][/u][/font][/color] [/font]
 Historical Financial Data
For english
I originally wrote this for History but after my teacher marked it i handed it in to my English teacher and she said i could use it in my Folio so i redrafted it and here it is :)
never forget
enjoy the Christmas time^^
Several shorts set in the Crusades.
here you go my is not so good but i tried at least
a little song about Santa Claus :D
um... well... yesterday .. I got bored.. I didn't even know I could write two sentences that rhymed :S!
Mikaela a dark curly haired 16 year old girl is Jewish in World War II. Follow her as she avoids getting caught from the Nazis.
This is a school group project for gifted students that I'm currently working on. It will be published if it's any good so I decided to put some of it here. It is about the Dayton, Ohio flood of 1913. ENJOY!!!!
Easter may be over but the spirit isn’t. How does Judas feel seeing his Messiah condemed and how does he feel now stuck in hell? First person and note I am a Chirstain, proud of it, so I had to write something * it was also for school
i wrote this when i was depressed and i was meditating before i wrote it, so it got me thinking about my religion which is Buddhism.
It's a poem.
Since FictionPress is down...I'll put this up here. ;) It's a story I wrote today because I was reading a biography of Rommel (one of many on my shelves) and started feeling depressed...Rommel is so cool.
My story of King Edward's daughter. If he had lived past the age of 13 in real life, and had a daughter with Jane Grey. In this story, his daughters name is Marie, and her aunt is Elizabeth I, who she is very close with.
 When Alex finds a box of old letters from his grandfather in the attic of their house, he begins to read them not realizing they will change the way he looks at the world forever.
 As World War II spreads across Europe, a small family in Germany is
This is a story I just wrote based on one of London's folk legends about a guy named Spring Heeled Jack.  He was a prankster with odd abilities spotted many times from 1840 up until 1970 in various locations. 
For information about "Spring He
just an experience...