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Chapter 3 - 3th december

enjoy the Christmas time^^

Chapter 3 - 3th december

Chapter 3 - 3th december
3th December
Dairi met Erika and tekish at the mall the very next morning.
They began to walk around there and it was like entering the Santa’s secret Christmas room or something.
It was lights everywhere and people were laughing and were joyful.
Tekish saw a small store and went to buy himself a soda, Erika stood next to a plastic Santa and laughed of it.
Um..i just have to go buy something, can you wait here for a moment? Dairi asked.
Sure! But be fast ok, Erika said.
Dairi runned to the other side of the mall to the gold and silver shop we make good things for you! That was at least what it said on the windows.
Dairi entered and saw a lot of glass lockers with gold and silver ring, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, everything.
Dairi went slowly trough the room and looked, suddenly he saw what he was looking for, a gold heart with silver edges and some small beautiful decorations on it.
How much for this one? Dairi asked the person in the desk.
1294, you want it?
Dairi thinker a bit, it had to be it, he had enough money but he had to save a bit for other presents too.
Key..I’ll take it, Dairi said and looked more joyful than ever.
This was definitely going to work.

James13..enjoy the Christmas time^^


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