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Chapter 6 - 6th december

enjoy the Christmas time^^

Chapter 6 - 6th december

Chapter 6 - 6th december
6th December
It was weekend and Dairi was supposed to sleep a lot this day, but he got waked up by snowballs towards he’s window.
Dairi just turned around and thought that it was some kids having fun.
But just more and more snowballs hit the window and Dairi stood up and looked out, he saw tekish standing there waving and pointing towards the front door. Dairi just waved lazy back as a sign for: yeah yeah...Im coming.
Dairi was still half asleep and walked slowly down the stairs and to the living room, it was first then he realized that he couldn’t see hes mum or dad or grandpa.
He runned into the kitchen and saw a note on the table:
We are out on weekend shopping
We will be back soon; it is cold eggs on the bench if you are hungry.

Huh? They left without me? Dairi thought.
But suddenly more snowball came hammering towards the kitchen window, oh right! Tekish! I forgot him!, Dairi said and runned and opened the front door.
Jeez! You lazy head! Tekish said and rushed into the house.
I was sleepy…Dairi complained
Forget about sleeping! We got more important things to do, tekish said.
Like what? Dairi answered back in a anyone tone.
Like go lady hunting! Tekish answered.

Some few moments later they both stood outside a gigantic mansion with tall walls to keep people out.
Oh big! Dairi said.
I followed this really cute girl here this morning, it looked like they were going away, but we will come back tomorrow! Tekish said.
Huh? We? Dairi said confused.
Yes we! You are going to meet me here early tomorrow and see if we can get in contact with that cute girl! Tekish said.
Meet me here at 7.00



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