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Chapter 8 - 8th december

enjoy the Christmas time^^

Chapter 8 - 8th december

Chapter 8 - 8th december
8th desember
Tekish! You are an idiot! We don’t know when the gate will open again! Dairi yelled.
Take it easy! Tekish said, now we can get the chance to talk to that girl!
If she’s still here yeah! Dairi yelled again.
Tekish just started to walk towards the mansion; Dairi didn’t find any other solutions then to follow him.
Tekish was walking close to one of the house walls and looked into some windows.
Keep this up and well be mistaken for robbers. Dairi complained.
Tekish ignored him and kept on towards the other side of the house.
On the other side it was a balcony on the second floor and a long stair that went down on the outside and it was planted some good looking bushes around it.
That side of the house was so good decorated with all kind of flowers and statues.
They both like up to the balcony and saw that the lights were on.
Let’s go check it up! Tekish said.
Are you mad?! We can’t go up there! They’ll see us. Dairi said.
Take it easy! We just say we are lost! Tekish said and started to run towards the stairs.
Dairi just followed him.
IL go up first! Tekish demanded.
Sure sure…dairi said.
Dairi sat down next to the stairs and tekish started to move up.
When tekish came up the runned over the balcony and stood next to the wall and tried to look into the window.



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