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Chapter 12 - 12th december

enjoy the Christmas time^^

Chapter 12 - 12th december

Chapter 12 - 12th december
12th December
Dairi wake up early in the morning and smiled, he didn’t know why but he smiled, he felt good.
He went down stairs and saw a big breakfast and went loose on the eggs.
Why are you smiling so? He’s mum asked.
I don’t know, Dairi smiled back
The doorbell rang and he’s father came into the kitchen.
Dairi it for you for! Father said.
Dairi went over to the door still just dressed in he’s pajamas.
It was Erika who was standing outside and looked at Dairi.
Dairi blushed because he realized that he was just in he’s pajamas.
I..I..I just wake up. He said.
You want to come out for a little while? Erika smiled.…yeah sure just give me a moment.
Sometime after Erika and Dairi was walking outside in the chilly air.
They found a bench with view out on the beautiful old fountain.
I just wanted to give you this, Erika suddenly said.
She gave Dairi a nicely wrapped present with red paper and small Santa’s on it.
Th..Than..Thank you! Dairi said.
He hurried up to pull out a small present of he’s own pocket and give it over to Erika.
For me? She said surprised.
Yeah! Dairi said nervously.
Thank you! She smiled back at him with a warm and beautiful smile.
Then she leaned forward and kissed him on hes mouth and dairi could feel the warm lips fill him with joy.
Then she suddenly runned away.



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