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Chapter 14 - 14th december

enjoy the Christmas time^^

Chapter 14 - 14th december

Chapter 14 - 14th december
14th December
Tekish had only been thinking about that girl from the mansion the last time.
Ok! Can’t sit here and dream! Time to do something! He said.
He runned out on the streets, in the middle of the night walking towards the mansion.
He came up to the gate and again he was lucky.
I won’t be back before tomorrow James, take care of my daughter when imp gone then, a man said before he sat himself into a car.
Yes sir, your daughter is safe, she knows how to take care of herself too, don’t worry, James answered back.
Thank you James, the man answered and James started to walk back to the mansion and the gate opened,
Just when the gate was about to close tekish runned in.
It was very dark close to the wall that was an advantage for tekish,
He had dressed himself in a black coat.
He scouted trough the windows several times all around the house.
The only other people he had seen was two maids and the person called James.
Tekish decided to take the risk and go up to the balcony again, but this time he wasn’t going to spy at her from the window, he was going to talk to her.
He took the stairs up to the balcony and looked in.
It was the same room, and tekish couldn’t see any people there so he sneaks up to the balcony door.
He tried to open it and it was unlocked!! Amazing! This girl might get kidnapped, you never know what sick perverts that might come by these days, he thought by himself.
He sneaked into the room and first now he noticed some clothes lying on the bed.
He heard some splashy sounds from the bathroom.
He went in and saw that the bathroom was much bigger then he could see from the window.
It was a sink with a big mirror in the one end and a big bathtub with the other wall.
The girl was standing next to the bathtub and looking at him,
She was naked and just stood there and looked at him.
She didn’t look surprised or scared, she just stood there.
Tekish looked her in the eyes, and he saw the thing smooth neck. The soft skin on her shoulders, her soft looking breasts that was very big just to mention it.
Her small waist and the tight hips.
He also saw her vagina and blushed in very dark red color and could feel something move in he’s pants
He turned around and runned towards the door and the girl smiled when he went out and blushed a bit too.



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