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Chapter 18 - 18th december

enjoy the Christmas time^^

Chapter 18 - 18th december

Chapter 18 - 18th december
18th December
Tekish was sitting in the coach in he’s apartment, he stared at the empty TV screen.
He was still thinking about that damn girl.
He had been about to run over to her at the market, but if he ever got caught sneaking around the mansion again; James would have recognized him from the market and suspected him as a stalker.
He had to save excuses for later because this wasn’t the last time he was going over to them.
He decided to visit them again today and he runned over to the mansion gate as many times before.
He stood outside the mansion gate and looked, no car that was on it way out this time, maybe luck was about to turn the other way.
Suddenly he heard a car right behind him and a door opened.
It was the man that he had seen talk to James the other night.
Hello? Can I help you?, the man said, it looked like the man was in the 30-34 age, he had brown hair and a black coat.
i..Am..Jus…just..Um, tekish said.
Are you here to meet shirujju? The man asked.
Shirujju? He didn’t know who that was but it was a good excuse to get inside.
Um..Yes right, tekish said.
Aah well, she said some friend might come by, hope in we are just gone park the car, the man said cheerful.
Tekish sat into the car and the gate opened.
They started to drive on and parked nicely in front of the gigantic main gate.
The servant called James came out and bowed lightly for tekish and the man,
Sir, and who is those young gentleman? James asked.
A young boy that is here to meet shirujju, the man answered.
Ah ye sir, I see. James answered.
May I ask young man? Weren’t you on the morning market the other day? James suddenly asked.
y..yes, I guess I was, tekish said.
Morning market? Its not often you see young people there these days, they normally hang on those shopping malls, the man said.
Yes indeed sir, I saw this young man give some money and some grapes to a little poor girl, jams said.
Aaah! Charity! That’s good my boy that’s good, I already taken a liking in you! You have to come by more often.
James turned around and walked up to stairs and waited next to the door,
The man walked first and tekish followed.
They entered a big hall with beautiful paintings everywhere.
Will you maybe stay for some tea? Shirujju will be down soon, its tea time after all.
Yes sure! Tekish answered.
He followed the man in a big room with a giant fireplace and a lot of shelves with a lot of books.
I can’t recall that i heard your name? The man said.
Oh sorry sorry, my name is tekish bachiry, tekish said.
Bachiry? May I be right in saying that it is your father that owns the popular relayio hotel? The man asked.
Yes that’s him! Ever meet him before? Tekish asked curiously.
Yes once, I was he’s V.I.P guest for some month ago, I had an important business trip to attend to, a very busy man your father, almost impossible to even get a business dinner with him, but I managed it, I rented one of he’s other hotels in Paris for a important new year’s party.
Oh? So it was you that rented that hotel, tekish said.
Well well, my name is kozuke achamiru, kozuke said.
Nice to meet you sir, tekish said and tried to sound like a rich man’s son.
Do you enjoy books tekish? Kozuke said.
Yes I do, I read very often, tekish said,
Well as you see behind you and with almost everyone of these walls I have an somewhat big collection with books, if you should get your eyes on a book that might interest you don’t hesitate to ask to borrow it, kozuke said friendly.
I will sir, tekish answered back.
Two of the female servant came in with tea pots and …stuff.
And behind them James followed,
Your daughter is prepared, James said.
He stepped aside and the young girl with a beautiful dress came in,
Aah shirujju about time, sit down! Kozuke said.
Hi tekish said staring in her eyes.
Hi! Shirujju said back with a smile,



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