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Chapter 20 - 19th december

enjoy the Christmas time^^

Chapter 20 - 19th december

Chapter 20 - 19th december
19th December
Dairi was sat and looked out of the window.
He tough at Erika, he needed to meet her again, he still felt that wonderful kiss on he’s lips.
He had held the phone a lot of times, but he didn’t dear to call her.
He decided to take he’s bike and go over to her, and so he did.
He was just outside the garden fence and looked.
He was nervous and didn’t even dare to go off he’s bike.
He wanted to ring the door bell, hold around Erika and kiss her, but he didnt dear too.
He was about to turn he’s bike around and go home when he suddenly heard a voice behind him.
Dairi? It was Erika that stood and looked confused on the stairs.
Dairi blushed and parked he’s bike.
¨he walked up to Erika.
Um.. I tough I should just say hi! Dairi said.
Erika looked confused at him.
I think I should go now! Dairi said.
You want to come in? Erika said suddenly.
She looked nervous and she blushed, um..Yeah..Sure! Dairi said.
He followed Erika into the living room where she reached him a muffin, I baked them myself! She said proudly.
Um! Their tasty! Dairi declared.
He kept following Erika further into the house. The passed a closed door with some weird sounds.
Dairi looked confused at the door,
It is my parents; you don’t want to know what they are doing! Erika laughed.
They entered a bright room, with a big bed in the middle with red curtains and sheets.
It was red candles, red photo frames, and red pillows.
Wow! You really like red don’t you? Dairi said.
Yes it is a relaxing color! Erika smiled.
She went over to a second door in the end and blushed a bit, Il be back soon she said, and Dairi could see her get dark red when she entered.
The door was to a bathroom it looked like.
Dairi just sat down on the bed and looked a bit around,
He saw a lot of photos of different friends and stuff.
Suddenly he heard that the bathroom door was opening



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