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Chapter 22 - 21th december

enjoy the Christmas time^^

Chapter 22 - 21th december

Chapter 22 - 21th december
21th December
Tekish was sitting next to the open window in dairis room; they both looked so spaced out.
Dairi looked almost depressed, and tekish looked like he was in a day dream.
I meet that girl for real now, tekish suddenly said.
Dairi looked up with a surprised smile, when?
A little while ago, I met her father and he thought I knew here and invited me in, so to say I can now get legal in whenever I want. Tekish said.
Great! Dairi said with a faint smile.
Now, tell me why you look so depressed, tekish said.
I’m not depressed; I am just thinking a lot, something new happened between me and Erika lately, Dairi said.
You already told me about it, the kiss right? Tekish said.
No…I’m just not prepared to say it to anyone yet, Dairi smiled.
Heh, let’s go out for a bit, tekish said and stood up.
Yeah sure, Dairi answered back and they both went out.
The air was chilly and it was a lot of people on the streets this morning.
Let’s go find some soda; I need something with sugar in, tekish smiled.
Dairi smiled back and they both just walked down the street.
It was kind of relaxing too see all the busy people.
Sometime later they both had a soda and they were just walking around and looking.
Tekish looked very pleased and he just walked and he didn’t notice at first that Dairi had stopped up.
Huh? What is it? Tekish said.
He looked at Dairi, tears were flowing down he’s cheek.
Tekish looked in the direction Dairi looked and made big eyes.
Erika was standing there with some dark haired guy and kissed him, hard and long.
The guy was holding around here and kissed back.
What the frack? Tekish looked at Dairi and tears were dripping, Dairi was silent and tekish could feel the hate from he’s friend.
Tekish could feel he’s own rage build up, how could she do this? We tree have been friends for a long time! How could she do this to Dairi?
Tekish suddenly walked over to them, grabbed the guys arm and hit him hard in the face, the guy feel to the ground holding he’s nose.
Tekish looked at Erika and walked over to Dairi again and they both walked away.



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