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Chapter 24 - 23th december

enjoy the Christmas time^^

Chapter 24 - 23th december

Chapter 24 - 23th december
23th December
Tekish was up with the mansion again, he wasn’t in any good mood since Dairi was depressed and himself was angry at Erika.
He went over to the gate and pressed a button on a black box hanging there.
He pressed it and some noise came out before someone talked.
Yes? The voice said.
Hello James, it’s me tekish, I’m here to meet shirujju. Tekish answered.
Very well! A weird sound came and the gate opened.
Tekish walked in and up to the gigantic doors.
James was standing next to the door and waited for him.
Master and he’s daughter are in the small living room, follow me.
He followed James towards the same book filled room where he had talked to kozuke before.
They entered, kozuke and shirujju was sitting there.
Kozuke smiled when he saw tekish.
Aaah tekish! You came to join us? Sit down sit down! He said.
Good evening sir, I felt kind of bored so I just cam….
Tekish phone started to ring, it was the local police!
Excuse me sir, he said and stood up and went over to the bookshelf as long away as possible.

Tekish: yes?
Police: tekish Bachiry?
Tekish: yes? Is it something wrong?
Police: yes, we got a kid down here named Dairi, he asked us to call you, is it possible for you to come here now?
Tekish: Dairi? Of course I will be there in a moment!

And he hangs on.
Excuse me sir! I just got a call from the police, a friend of mine is there, I have to go see what it is!
What? The police? Sure, we can meet some other time, but isn’t the police office at the other end of the city? Kozuke said.
Yes that’s why I have to hurry, tekish answered a bit annoyed.
I can give you a ride, come on, kozuke stood up and they all hurried out to the car.
James sat in front as the driver and everyone else sat in the backseat, shirujju was there too.
Some time later they were with the police station and tekish runned in and over to the receptionist.
I’m tekish and I was called here because of Dairi, he said
Oh it is you? Follow me, tekish followed after her and kozuke and shirujju just came in and followed after them.
They came into a room were Dairi was sitting and some policemen were sitting.
Dairi? Tekish said, Dairi didn’t answer.
Some fancy dressed man came over to him.
Tekish right? The man said.
Yes that’s me, tekish answered back
I am detective ryuir, we had to take Dairi here because of an incident in he’s house just a little while ago.
What happened? Where is he’s parents? Tekish asked.
It was just normal fire incident, they might have dropped some candles on the floor or something, but the whole house is burnt down, nothing of it survived.
What about he’s parents? Where are they? Tekish asked.
He’s parent…they wasn’t able to save themselves out in time, they burnt in, I’m sorry. The detective said.
What?! Ts not possible, they were some of the kindest people I ever known, they were like parents for me too when my father wasn’t there, tekish fell to he’s knees,
They aren’t dead! They aren’t dead you hear me? They can’t be dead! Tekish grabbed the detectives coat and some policemen came and hold him back,
I’m sorry tekish, but they are. The detective walked away.
Tekish was started to cry and Dairi came over to him, tekish stood up and looked into dairis eyes, he could see so much pain, what were Dairi going to do now, he had no place to go, no one that loved him anymore.
He looked at shirujju and kozuke, shirujju was crying too and kozuke looked more surprised over the rage of tekish then anything else.
You are gone live with me in my apartment! Tekish said.
But..bu..i can’t, Dairi answered.
You are going to, end of discussion, I will make sure that your parents are getting a worthy funeral. Tekish said.
….thanks tekish, you are my best friend. Dairi said and started to cry again.



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