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Chapter 3 - Sister Arrives

About a assasian that watched over kakashi and the others and finally shows herself. She is a harpie, knows medical justus. Kakashi feel in love with her when they were in the same group, in the past. her parents died by the nine-tails fox tail.

Chapter 3 - Sister Arrives

Chapter 3 - Sister Arrives

"You seem surprised Naruto, like when those assasians came and attacked you ,when you your protecting that bridge builder."Sakura 3 said. "What how did you know that?" Naruto asked. "I forgot to mention she watched us under the order of the third hokage." Kakashi said. Naruto with the short temper he has ran into a attack. Sakura say this coming and stood there. Naruto did some signs and created multiples. Sakura flipped a finger and the wind picked every one of those Naruto. They fell to the ground. "You really think that would work on me, you have grown stronger but not strong enough."Sakura said. "Man she's strong, even stronger then Kakashi."Sakura thought. "Not again, I have to go Kakashi an unwanted guest has arrive."Sakura 3 said."Go"Kakashi said. Sahe kissed him on the cheek.

"You know I was meeting the group ."Sakura 3. "Yeah, but this was important." said a voice. That voice was that of Lyre, Sakura's older adoptive sister.


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