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Chapter 6 - On a journey we go

About a assasian that watched over kakashi and the others and finally shows herself. She is a harpie, knows medical justus. Kakashi feel in love with her when they were in the same group, in the past. her parents died by the nine-tails fox tail.

Chapter 6 - On a journey we go

Chapter 6 - On a journey we go
"I wonder where she could be?" Sakura 3 asked. The three of them meaning, Sakura 3, Naruto and Jiriaya, were looking for Tsunade, the other Sannin. She was to become the next Hokage. "It would be good if I knew where she was." replied Jiriaya. "So what is so important that we need to find her?" asked Naruto. "As you already know Kakashi is in a very deep sleep and i cannot wake him up, so we need a real medical ninja to wake him and that's where Tsuande comes in." Sakura said. But the true reason, both new as she is to be the next hokage. But they knew better then to tell Naruto. They soon meet a sign on the road. "I have heard rumors of Tsunade coming through that town." Jiriaya said as he pointed to the sign on the right. "Well then let's go" Naruto yelled with excitement. They soon reached the village. It was a busy little town. "We're going to check into the hotel and then your going off to bed." Jiriaya said with this grin on his face. Sakura knew what it meant. Then Naruto turned around to see what he was looking at. And behold a beautiful woman walks by and winks at the two. "Fine, come on Naruto." Sakura said. She then grabbed him by the neck and drags him away as he cries, "But, But."


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