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Chapter 3 - Back to Business

Jak gets sent to prison yet again and meets a new character who might make him more trouble than he thought. 

Chapter 3 - Back to Business

Chapter 3 - Back to Business
Jaks new mission: Part three

Jak walked up to the entrance of the fortress. Its an eye examination lock. Were not getting in this way muttered Jak. Daxter looked up at the building How about up there? said Daxter pointing to a wall, followed by a tall tree and a semi-opened window. Good work Dax said Jak smiling at Daxters grinning mug. Jak leaped up the wall, walking across the wall like an agile cat. Jak gripped a branch of the tree. He clambered up Daxter scurrying in front of him. Eventually they reached the top. Go ahead and check for guards said Jak quickly. If they see me Im dead. If they see you, by the time the got rat poison you would have escaped muttered Jak hiding behind some leaves. Why do I have to do everything!? asked Daxter scowling angrily. Daxter decided it was best not to argue and jumped through the window. Its clear he shouted gesturing Jak to come forward. Jak followed just fitting through the window.

They walked through the corridors searching for any sign of software. Ive got an incoming message from Torn said Daxter looking at a hologram of the building coming from Jaks messenger pod. Ive found the exact room the software is located in. The red dot is you, the green glow is the software said Torns voice out of the messenger pod. Im on it said Jak smirking eagerly. They followed the route Torn had told them, checking every corner as they scurried through the twisting corridors. Daxter looked down at the map following there position with his finger. Its the second door down here Daxter said pointing his finger down an identical corridor of the Fortress. Jak looked around and then continued until he came to the door. This wasnt identical, it was metal plated and had more security locks then Jak had ever seen before. How do you expect us to get in there growled Daxter down the messenger pod. If you shut your furry trap, I might tell you barked Torn on the other end. Jak, place the pod over the eye examination lock. Then when the light has activated green on that lock I want you to do the same with the DNA scanner until there is another green light. Finally after you have completed those stages a keyboard and a screen will appear asking for a password. I want you to type in Praxis said Torn slowly. Jak quickly did all the stages and the door unlocked and opened. Why is the password Praxis? asked Jak curiously to Torn. Well in a way, hes still there leader even after the dead and now Ashlin has taken over as Empress of Haven then I suppose its only right explained Torn unconvincingly. Jak began to search the room. It was white and had bits of machinery and chemicals scattered everywhere. The name of the software is Krimson Krystal, you got all that? said Torn waiting for a reply. Were in, There just seems to be a whole lot crap in here Daxter answered, leaping off Jaks shoulder. Jak looked at the selection of complex chemicals. Jak! yelled the familiar, impatient tone of Daxters big mouth. Jak rolled his eyes and walked towards the yappy orange rodent. I found it! Once again the Daxternator is the victor Daxter yelled happily. Thats great Dax, Now to send this software to the sky Jak mumbled as he tore open the casing, revealing thousands of complex red and green wires and chips and as Daxter would say other Thingy-magiggers. With a wide eyes smirk Jak pulled out a small bomb. Right Dax, get ready. Im setting it for sixty seconds Jak said as he fiddled with the settings. SIXTY SECONDS! Are you crazy? It took us twenty minuets to get here! yelled Daxter. Before Daxter could debate their situation Jak had threw the bomb in. Daxters eyes opened wider than dinner plates as he leapt onto Jaks shoulders. Lets go Jak yelled urgently, running for the door while the bomb ticked. They darted through the corridors in search on an exit. Dax, can you check the messenger pod. It should give us a countdown Breathed Jak. Pulling the Pod from Jaks backpack Daxters Jaw dropped as his eyes read the decreasing red numbers. I dont mean to but any pressure on you buddy but, we have twenty six seconds before were blow to smitherines! Squealed Daxter twenty four, twenty three, twenty two.
Shut up! Jak snapped. Standing still Jaks head twisted round franticly examining the three possible corridors of freedom. Ten, Nine, Eight Daxter whispered, his volume decreasing with each number. Jak noticed a window at the end of one of the corridors, without hesitation he dashed towards it and jumped through the two layers of glass. A rush of fire followed them and they hurtled fast towards the streets of haven. This is it, Jak I love you man Daxter screamed tears in his eyes.
You too Dax was Jaks quick reply. They both closed there eyes expecting the hard ground of the slums, but to there surprise they hit something else. Daxters eyes opened slowly.
Im Alive! He shrieked. I knew we would make it though, didnt doubt you for a second buddy
He gleamed to Jak. Jak looked back to what they had hit and to there surprise it was a woman.
Hey, watch where youre falling! she said angrily. As she turned round Jaks eyes lit up like lanterns. Jak? She gasped.


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