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Chapter 1 - Glass Wings


Chapter 1 - Glass Wings

Chapter 1 - Glass Wings
Tonight I lay my head on soft satin sheets

Falling into darkened dreams of a melody so sweet

I stand in utter darkness naked and alone

It seems an empty place where demons once flown

Symphony of bittersweet songs are played across the silent floor

It told of life lost upon a darkened moor

My hair seems so white

Even if there is no light

My blue eyes show fear

As if I’ve been hit with a spear

A sudden pain in my back and I fall to the floor

Around me are glass shards spread upon the moor

The soft wings upon my back had turned to glass and broke

With blood my pure dress is soaked

Then I see the sin

So disgusting in its pin

I spread my hollow, glass wings to fly away

For, sin sweetly chides me to come and play

Soon it swallows me in its sweet hum

My body now feels so cold and num

I see black scarlet liquid from my eyes

My ears can hear its blissful melodic lies

In a flash an endless shadowed sea

Waves of embroiled purple threads crashing around me

But, there are no waves of sound

Anywhere around

The demon of silence pierces my flesh its silvered spear

Porcelain fragile skin begins to sheer

No more can I fly free in the aqua crystal sky

That once true, now a sad lie
I miss my once soft, feathered wings

But the darkness punished me so I couldn’t sour and sing

Now, suddenly im on back on a hard glass floor.

Everything, an endless hoor

In vibrant shakes; the floor shatters

I fall back into to an endless sea of black hated matter

I sink into the bottomless sea.

All I am now is a dead seed.I try to thrash to the surface, but my wings are

too heavy to bear

Soon my wings from my back tear

My flesh is ripped into pieces

Blood of ruby begins its leases

Hard metal chains wrap around my ankles and waistI can feel my heartbeat began to race

Crimson tears fall from my eyes

The pain is what the darkness denies

Soon the shackles drag me faster

I soon will meet hells master

I look down at the soulless’ bodies joining me to hells fire.

And the demons that are all liars

Soon as if by blinking, im surrounded by silver flames and sin.

The flames began lick at my pale fragile skin

A demon appears with a whip

I try to run but slip

Im soon chained to the floor

As the whip begins to sour

The wounds are deep

A rivulet of blood begins to seep

The black flame burns the wounds and skin

And let me now of my sin

Sin pain im drowning

My screams of agony and sorrow are sounding

Then I awake on a bed

And feel my back for the wounds that were shed

There they are fresh and clear My wings are still there and im still alive

But more nightmares will soon strive

Im back too sleep

With nightmares I hope too leap


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