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Well, this is my Inuyasha fan-fic rewrite.

Hope you all enjoy.
Returning from her era Kagome finds Kagura laying in the nightime rain so she offers her a umbrella suprising her,Kagura refuses but she is persistant so eventually she accepts but what could this one even lead to
Conversions of the Inuyasha cast to pokemon trainers or pokemon themselves I shall post this in the pokemon section to this is for one of my up coming stories
This contains all of the character infromation for my new Inuyasha story about the Inuyasha characters in a modern day setting from ninth grade up this will make the story make more sense since I wont give the back story in the story
she left them they were heart broken esspecially him but when they get taken in can a hair demonesss fill the void left by his twin or will he have his heart shattered again can they move on here with them
the song fanfictions for the inuyasha characters a few of my own for my series shikon cold case mysteries some will be doubled as some have two points of view
kasi is a young mortal girl just moved into the forest on her own forgeting her past but what if her past doesnt want to forget her what if its round 2 twice
Naraku is dead but the battle as the inu characters soon find is far from over
when kagome comes upon and acidently realses the seal on modern day demons the well allows anyone fighting naraku threw for the new fight
it all started when she found herself alone dispite being around others when she found her mind was her only safe haven and those she tought she made up were the only ones who could understand her but fansty and reality are one in the same
the second book in wars at the end i will have allot of infromation on the characters i have made enjoy
in the modern day its the same story as 500 years ago but with new player and it starts much early and it runs all the way back to the start from 500 years ago
this is ahead of moss the first encounter but the events are before the book takes place for the first years of moss''s life and the way she lives
When inuyasha and sesshomaru''s ''dead'' sister brings everyone from 500 years ago back together what will happen and how will all there lifes change.
when inuyasha and sesshomaru get a younger sister they watch her grow until she runs away/ vanishes at the age 10 while she looks like a teen this is going to have a fallow up story
the world has found out demons live side by side with humans and some people didnt even know now that demons dont have to hide what will happen and who will return
it all started with the swipe of a sword now sesshomaru''s heart is calling him but will he awnser or will he throw it all away becuase he refuses to say to himself he cares
uuuuuuuggggggggggggggh oh i got it FUNNY STUFF!!! I SUCK AT SUMMARIES SRYBYE
A very old curse that is passed down through the Inu family, attacks InuYasha. Now Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Kouga, and Sesshomaru must team up to fight a enemy that was even more powerful then Inu no Taishou himself, in order to save InuYasha''''s soul.
that on there jouneny they meet richard ,kahlan and zed ledgend of the seeker inuyash acoss over full summry in side
that this story is about inuyasha and kagome daguterthat she is 17 but in demon years she's much older that she has a boyfriend get her pregnantthat he is a half demon dog she has 5 siblings and 4 on the way at the same time
Inuyasha, Sango, Kouga, Ayame, Miroku and Kikyo go camping during spring break. they thought it would be a normal camping trip, but they won't think that once they find out the place is haunted!!
my story WOOOO!!!!! dont like it? get over it... like it... awesome
Koga has come to stay with Kagome and her pack for a little while; with Hakaku and Ginta. But, how is Inuyasha going to react with this? How will the villages act, when they pass though them with wolves?