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Chapter 3 - Meet The Maniac - The Jackal

This is a kinda "Meet The Crew" Thing -_-

Bio Template courtesy of Chaoscontroler1992

Chapter 3 - Meet The Maniac - The Jackal

Chapter 3 - Meet The Maniac - The Jackal
______________________________________________________________________________BI O____________________________________________________________________________

Nickname(s): "The Jackal", "One Mean son of a B*tch!" To the enemy
Real Name: Unknown
Species: Hedgehog, supposedly
Age: Over 9000
Sex: Male
Allignment: Evil and corrupt
Where he came from: The Valley Of Death, Sangin Valley, Southern Afghanistan
Eyes: Red
Fur: black, with yellow sparks


Arch Enemies: Kyle

Occupation: Evil Mastermind

Short Description: "Ever since he existed he's had a pure hatred for every other race except his, no one knows why and no one really bothers to ask, he can't fight to save himself, so he makes weapons, from machines, or people. He doesn't care, as long as his race still doesn't exist."

Personal Quote: "I am the end, the end of all things. Even when you reach the peak of your existence I will be here to end you.

Submit yourselves to me and understand infinity. Even your gods fear me, I am Eternal! I am the king of all Evil! I. AM. THE JACKAL!"

_____________________________________________________________________________STA TS______________________________________________________________________________ ___

Total Amount of Health: %200
added the Overheal of the ÜberHog (+150% to own health): %300
While in the "Übercharge" [x3 the own health](Invurneability): %600
Top Speed: %99.5
Ammount of Damage: High
Armory: Light
Mobility: Average
Class: Defensive

Other special abilities:

"Brains are better than brawn!"
For a short time, can cloak himself

"Eagle Eyes"
For a limited period of time, has improved accuracy

(Yet to be chosen)

Primary Weapon: Red Dead Revolver
Secondary Weapon: 9000W Electric Charges
Melee Weapon: Dual Chainsaws

_____________________________________________________________________________RES PONSES__________________________________________________________________________ ___

Weaponary Responses and taunts


The "Red Dead" Revolver

Speed/Reloading time: **...
Damage: ***..
Weight: **...
Shooting Range: ***..
Ammo capacity: *****
Special Effects:

Reason: Headshot on enemy
Movement: Spins the gun around on his finger, then flips it


9000W Electric Charges

Speed/Reloading Time: *....
Damage: *****
Weight: **...
Shooting Range: **...
Ammo Capacity: *****
Special Effects: More damage when on killing spree

Reason: Kills an enemy from behind
Movement: Starts fiddling round around with the controls
-Now, where's the "Automatic Fry" Setting *laughs*


Dual Chainsaws


Speed/Reloading Time: No Reloading Time
Damage: ******
Weight: ******
Shooting Range: ***..
Ammo Capacity: No Ammo Capacity
Special Effects:

Reason: Saws off their head
Movement: Revs up the Chainsaws
-*wipes blood from his chin* You people even bleed for me! *laughs*

Quotes and other Reponses

Taunting Lines

Reason: after a Single Kill and keeps on killing:
- Well, you poor chaps, back to the Farm!
- HOHOHO! So fun!
- *grins*

Reason: after a Real Killing Spree and ongoing:
- Oh dear, one of my chainsaws seems to be stuck in your jugular vein, would you mind if I moved it?
- *licks the blood on his lips, then a sickening grin emerges on his face*

Reason: After stealing something important from the Enemy and Runs of with it:
- Wave goodbye to your secret plans!
- Whats yours, is mine!
- Anybody here?

Battle/Combat Begins Battlecry

Battle Win/short Before to win
- We won
- Well done team
- Everything went to plan...

Battle loss/Short before to lose
- What the?
- I did not see this coming...
- This wasn't as planned!

Unassigned Responses

- As we say in The Valley of the Dead, KILL!
- ما هي اهانة!
- I will end you...

Person Specified Taunts
After killing Tala (Tala777's OC)
- Well, Well, Well...
- Sorry, short stuff...
- You always were a little pain!

After Killing Kyle
- Ever since we met... All those years ago, I always knew I'd be better than you, Jinzo!
- Well, I'm sorry to say this, but, I have no regret killing you!
- There's such thing as a guilty conscience! unless I'm killing you!

After killing Madness (WillHawk14's OC)
- Overrated Scum!
- Half-elf Scum!
- Don't worry... I'll cut you into so many pieces the worms won't even have to chew... *revs up his chainsaw*

After killing Sogt (CC1992's OC)
- There was only one thing you were good at, and thats running away!
- Mother's boy...
- What's that? You regret everything you ever done? Why thank you... *stomps on his face*

After killing Trickster (CC1992's OC)
- Masked Scum!
- I can say this literally... You were a Motherf*cker!
- So cowardly you couldn't fight like a man...

Normal Responding:
- NO!
- This sucks!


- YES!
- As Planned!
- Nice

Sighted a Disguised Enemy:

- Enemy Trickster at 12 O'clock!

Move Up:

- C'mon!

Good Shot:

- Nice shot!
- Good one!
- Okay!

Good Job:

- Nice one!
- you did well
- Showed them a thing or two

Healed By the ÜberHog:

- Thank you Doctor
- They trained you well
- أشكركم ، الرفيق.

Healed by the Witch

- Thanks Witch
- Nice job
- You did well wtih the spell


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