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Chapter 1 - The Arrival

Some Chaos got to go, some don't.

Chapter 1 - The Arrival

Chapter 1 - The Arrival

A Very Sad Moment (Chao version)

Chapter 1: The arrival

She ran down to the peer, waiting for the package to arrive, she was soo happy! It hadn't arrived yet, well she should have known that because its 2:00 in the morning. As soon as she looked at her watch, she trotted home. She went through her beautiful mansion to her room. As she did that, she remembered the ghostly tales, she got scared and ran off to go up into her room, she lived alone. The next morning, she heard a whine at her door. She had gotten scared and saw water leaking up in her mansion, only a little bit though. She ran to the door slowly, opened it, walked downstairs, and the creeped up on the front door. She slowly opened it and heard a bump behind it. She looked outside and nothing was there, she heard the whine again. This time she RAN to the front door and opened it really fast. And then saw a box, and she jumped happily and said, “Phew! I thought you were a ghost little Chao!” She carried the box upstairs and opened the box by smashing a coconut against it. And then the little chao tumbled out of the box with big clear tears in its eyes while dripping water on the floor, The chao ran to her and mumbled, “Mum” She grabbed the chao in her arms and gave her a soft squeeze and she mumbled, “Do you like the name, Lily?” The chao started to giggle. Then the owner said, “Do you like the name Melody?” The chaos' face lit up with happiness. Then the owner said, “Ok then, your name is Melody”

Ok, I hope you like the story so far! I accept opinions.


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