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Chapter 1 - Cant think of a title

Ok, so Miharu has her dictator's antics thing, and I wanted to write a goes.

Chapter 1 - Cant think of a title

Chapter 1 - Cant think of a title
It was a rather normal day in the Miharu offices, until Miharu exclaimed,
"General Lee!You haven't been on a mission yet."
Lee nodded. "No, because you haven't assigned one to me yet."
Miharu looked around, then finally said, "Ah, I see.You and Mission Leader 2D will go out on a mission to find....the rare Japanese sea gem."
"But Miharu, there's only one of those lef-" the tall, robotic general only had time to say before Miharu shouted, "Thanks for accepting I know you'll do great now go tell 2D you leave tomorrow kthxbye!", shoving the android out the door.
The young girl grumbled and started down the hallway.

{in the office of 2D}
"Get prepared, we're going on a mission." Lee said, rolling her eyes.
"When?" said 2D, looking up from his desk, where he was drawing morbid little stick person doodles like a maniac, a pen still in his hand.
"Tomrrow" said Lee. "Apparently she wants us to find The Japanese Sea Gem."
She looked at 2D, smiled, and walked back to her room.A package was waiting there for her. "My privacy sphere is here!" she said, opening it.She took out a small white sphere, and put a few drops of water on it.It began to grow.Soon it was bigger than her, and a door on the side opened.She stepped into the sphere, grabbed her notebook, and drew,and wrote, with no distractions.Not even Arya yelling like a retard.

****Later that night****
2D was lying awake in bed, contemplating the mission with all five of his brains.(ok,even I admit how stupid that was...)Then he heard an odd noise.
Then footsteps.Then his door squeaking open. "" the young man squeaked.A shadow slipped into the room, A knife in its hand. "Please, don't hurt me...." 2D whimpered.The shadow raised its knife.
"NOOOOO!" 2D yelled at the top of his lungs.The shadow then drove the knife into 2D's chest.There was lots of screaming...then silence.

2D's eye opened.
He gasped, then looked down.He was not lying on a spot of blood, just his bed, and no knife was portruding from his chest.
"Whew.It wos jest a dream." he sighed
The door door bursted open.
"OH MY GOD!2D!YOU'RE ALIVE!!!!" General Lee exclaimed. "I dreamed you got stabbed in the chest!"
"Heh, sumfink strange, I had zee same dream." 2D said.
"That is weird.Oh well.Let's go." Lee said.

Wondering if they find that legendary gem?
Tune in next time for more
A Dictator's Antics!


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CreamTheMiniMoose on June 29, 2007, 7:03:35 AM

CreamTheMiniMoose on
CreamTheMiniMooseCool story! I can't wait to see more!