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Found: One female grey wolf. Young adult.Silver pelt and blue eyes.
This is a FanFic.
Here, I ramble my head off at those AIM bots. Pretty fun, no?
Just random, real-life spewage from me and my BFF.
Infernape: Me
Connor: 7 year old boy
Ryley: Hermit Crab
Noodles: Cat (mine)
Pumkin: cat (hers)
Spencer: Carly's brother from iCarly that we both have a crush on (I smell catfight!!)
This is my stupid fanfic that I wrote while having coffee.
American Mcgee's ALICE + Metalocalypse=METAL AND EPIC
Hmmmmm....what to saY......
its a story about the little einsteins people.
Read it
Ok, so Miharu has her dictator's antics thing, and I wanted to write a goes.
I was bored, Ok?
Hi!This is a story.......That I made up...WHILE WATCHING SPONGEBOB ON MY COMPUTER!(Yay ATI!)The storyline may seem FOP oriented in the first few chapters, but then, It takes place in Bikini Bottom.:p
~The Mad And Obsessed-Laurel Rokz~
errrrrrrrrrrr peple luv to be annoyed!!!!!!
uhhh story about zombies,kasey and jack spicer.And if u wanna b in it pleese leave a cccccoooommmmeeeennnntttt!!!!!
us both:we passed were ganna be invaders!
NIR:im so happy 4 you guys.
(beep beep beep)
brandy:answer that miranda.
miranda:(answers it)
(the tallests appear on the screen)
tallest red:we have some news.tell em purple!
tallest purple:you two will be assined to planet earth to help the irken invader already living there.
KIR:go fleemco go!
computer:end transmission.
to be continued!