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Chapter 2 - A new member?

Ok, so Miharu has her dictator's antics thing, and I wanted to write a goes.

Chapter 2 - A new member?

Chapter 2 - A new member?
General Lee was sitting in Miharu's office, as Miharu was scribbling and coloring with crayons, When the giant front doorbell rung.
"Get that, will you?" Miharu asked, not looking up from her drawing of Snoedel.
"Most Definitely." Lee replied, getting up from her seat.

(AT THE DOOOOOOR!*does a dance*)
General Lee opened the door.Outside she saw one guy.He had long brown hair, blue eyes, and a mustache.the silence was eventually broken as the man spoke.
"Hiya.I'm Toki.I was wondering If I could get a jobs here or something...."
General Lee grinned.
"Sure.What do ya like to do?" Lee said, with a grin on her face.
"Well, I can play the guitar...and I swims good......" he replied.
Lee's Grin got wider.
".........ALRIGHTY THEN!You're the new Co-Captain of the S.S. Mixednut, the S.S. Eclipse, and the S.S. Amethyst.And you're also the airforce person.We have no planes.We use spaceships.They're more fuel efficient."
The guy looked at her like she was nuts, then said,
"When do I start?"
Lee smiled and said:
"Right now.I'll show you to your room.But first, you'll have to check in with Miharu."


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