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Chapter 1 - The Random visitors

This is my stupid fanfic that I wrote while having coffee.

Chapter 1 - The Random visitors

Chapter 1 - The Random visitors
Lin was a nice lady from another planet who liked to talk to her animals. She had Two Cats: Noodles and Zee. Noodles was small and cute, but he was also strong and liked to have a good time.
Zee was a female, not spayed, and for that she tricked a lot of people into thinking she was soft and weak. Oh, but they were wrong. Dead wrong.
Lin herself was as strong as an ox. Together they made a force to be dealt with!

Lin was in the shower when the doorbell rang. It seemed ordinary, but it changed her life forever.
"Noodles, go get the door, okay?" Lin said from inside the bathroom.
Noodles agreed and went to open the door.
There were two visitors. A pink cat, about as old as Zee, and a green rabbit. Noodles recognized them almost instantly.
"Oh my god, Hoops and Yoyo!"

Noodles was in shock. Lin, Zee, and him were all fans.
"'Ey pipsqueak, what's goin o-" Zee paused mid-sentance. "Well, 'ello! Holy cow cat, It really IS you guys!"
Zee is strange, I know.
But, as the writer of this little story, I can tell you what characters think. So, I can tell you that, in this scene, Zee was thinking : 'Oh GOD. Hoops is cuter in person! I wonder if he'll go out with me maybe?'
And Noodles was thinking nothing.
And then Lin came out, and they went on a donut picnic, and it was fun, but that's described in the next chapter.


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