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Chapter 2 - The Next Chapter!

This is my stupid fanfic that I wrote while having coffee.

Chapter 2 - The Next Chapter!

Chapter 2 - The Next Chapter!

Ivy and Noodles just sat there, on the grey carpeted stairs, sometimes shooting a small glance at the well-loved celebrities that stood before them, then looking at each other for a long time, their eyes saying this:
Noodles:What do we do? Why are they here?
Ivy: I don't know, maybe Lin has an explanation.

Ivy carefully decided to say something.

"Uh, yeah..Hi.I'm, uh, Ivy.Hi."

Hah, she thought, Real smooth, Ivy Zenon. You've outdone yourself this time. Hah.
She forced herself to look up and face the punishment for being shy. (Probably an odd look or something along those lines, she thought) But no.Instead, Hoops smiled at her.
"Ivy... that's a beautiful name." he managed to say before he stumbled backward and caught himself just in the nick of time. Yoyo looked at him like he was insane.

"Oh my god! Wh-hnn-hah-uh! It's THEM! They're here!"
A lady wearing a black dress with white trimmings and a white apron stepped out, twisting her wet purple hair around her fingers. Lin!
Lin, the manager of the Hallmark Store at nearby Twinfield Mall.

"Well, I don't have the slightest clue why they're here," Lin said.

Hoops and Yoyo took turns explaining why they were there. And why they needed a place to live and produce CD's out of. Lin did not hesitate to agree.

"Okay, since you two are now official residents, how about we go on a coffee and donut picnic at Twinfield Park? It's finally nice out!"

They all went to the park and had a good time. But that is a story for another chapter which I am going to write tomorrow.


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