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Chapter 3 - Another Chapter?

This is my stupid fanfic that I wrote while having coffee.

Chapter 3 - Another Chapter?

Chapter 3 - Another Chapter?
So they all went to Starshmucks, first off, and bought coffee. One of Lin's friends was there, and they talked while the coffee was being prepared. Ivy and Hoops talked quietly in the corner, secretly laffing their tails off. (Yes, that was for effect. L-A-U-G-H-I-N-G. I is not tard.)A portion the conversation seemed to go like this:
Ivy: God, I hope she gets birthday cake flavored coffee.
Hoops: What?
Ivy: There is no such thing. That's why I NEEEEEED it. It's the annoying cat code.
Hoops: Annoying Cat Code?
Ivy: Yes, it's the code that all cats follow, probably with an exeption of you.
Hoops: That's insane.
Ivy: I know. The ACC cats have a hearing once or twice every month.
Hoops: And you go th these....?
Ivy: God no. I was banned a while ago.
Ivy: I ended up cramming my face with donuts and doing a jig at one of the hearings, which are very well-kept and proper.I also yell.A LOT.AT EVERYONE. Even when I'm not mad.
Hoops: That's not weird.I do that too.
(It kept going on like that for as long as it took to make the coffee.)

At the picnic, things were generally fun. Twinfield Park is definitely really fun, especially when your on one of Lin's patented Group Donut Picnics. It ended up being a group rant about how BORING school is, donut prices, and other crap that you don't really care about, but they think about a lot.

Then they went home to speak of other matters. But that's for another chapter.


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