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Chapter 2 - What To Do with Our Time Spent on FAC?

A rhyming battle between users.

Chapter 1: Saltwater and luotakulu.
Chapter 2: ShamefulMetaphors and luotakulu.

The indentation of 'paragraphs' are (Insert FAC username here)'s lines. Mine are just regular, with italics.


Chapter 2 - What To Do with Our Time Spent on FAC?

Chapter 2 - What To Do with Our Time Spent on FAC?
Lonesome, wholesome,
What do we do?
With only a few of us who stay to come.
What will I do with the time I have with you?

Well, I just can't turn down the temptation
To play this game, with your invitation.
Many artists did come and and leave
So many years have passed, I cannot believe.
How many times must I return to this humble abode?
Before I realize that this is my my home, simple lines of code.

Sigh, I sigh, I'm glad you're on; it makes me feel less lonely.
"Two heads are better than one," they say.
Two mindsets are a much better way to solve problems, I see.
Hopefully, there will be change on this lonesome site, for when there is a will, there is a way.

-- **BREAK** Several days later --

Oh boy. I’ve been gone long,
Long enough to make you worry.
Here I go, with a boast of limitation’s song.
I know, I know. Such a lame excuse. I’m sorry.

It’s true. I could not go on,
Due to some limited actions on limited time.
Please know that it is not all ‘fun and games running on the lawn’.
For I know it must have cost you much to find I was not on when I was supposed to, (which may or may not have caused your face to become sour - like lemons and lime.) But hey! Here I am, on a Sunday. Or a Monday, preferably.
Come to apologize for my unkindly acts and to continue the game.
Because everyone knows (actually, just you and me, I think) that things are going to become a lot more epic, somewhat likely.
So, forgive and forget. Something like “yolo”? Whoa. That was lame.
~I’ve been gone long, I know.
(Only two days, whoa.)

What have you done,
With your time alone? Hopefully something along the lines of making on the list of ‘daily uploaders’!
Which is great; not bad at all - congrats, ShamefulMetapohors!
Next, you’ll be on your way to becoming an admin!
Coming daily to accept everyone’s beautiful art with a grin.
Hah. What a great thought.
Somehow, I know you’ll make it there, with a blast of a shot!

Well, since you've been gone, I'm not going to lie
A lot's been going on, in this little head of mine
Some troublesome things I've come to endure
A past that follows me, and caught up for sure
A lady whom I loved was once a thing of bliss
A lady who know, I quite surely miss
But now I feel I've found someone, another girl to pass the days
Yep, she is beautiful, different from toes to face
Unfortunately these extreme heartaches still come back
Like my unfinished business came over and my heart was hacked
I try and keep a chin up, but what hurry do we have?
A masochist at best, I am what I am, a simple man without his iron clad.

My, my,
What a lot of TMI.

I asked you
Of your time on FAC,
And you come to tell, of love and woe, of yours true.
Not what I wanted to know, but all is well on your end, I see.

What can I say, it comes easily in the form of poetry
I guess I thought two steps ahead and youre reaction I didn't foresee?
is it a given that we're ment to talk in nothing but verses the entire time we are online?
I don't know exactly how long I can go before I run out of... rhymes? xD
maybe we can take a break before either of us writes a tongue twister
Because that, my friend, would be quite sinister xD

Mm. This banana is delicious.
Yes, I do agree. You can reveal much in poetry.
That is why you shouldn't lay way to what is best kept secret; otherwise, the result will make you quite delirious.
Not necessarily a given. It's only a friendly battle, not something that will go on forever, hopefully.

Aw, Shameful! If that ever happened, it would really be a shame!
For I know, in your mind, a sense of imagination and creativity lies hidden there.
So, if ever there comes a minute moment where you think it will happen, put some man-work into it and come up with some metaphors that'll blow my mind away. Lest, it ruins your name.
Come on! I'm waiting! Waiting for the chance to blast away at rhyming and more rhyming until my hands and brain are tired 'til wear.

-- **BREAK** A month later --

'Scuse. Are we ending the game?
So long, both of us have not replied.
If we do, wellp! That's lame.
What do you say? Do we, or don't we end or continue the rhyme. Don't lie!

Gosh, my rhymes are terrible.
Yours are so much better.
It could be because of our age difference; that's so horrible.
Imagine if you would, sir.


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