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Chapter 1 - Summoner and her Long Lost Love

This is my first fanfic and it short and I tried so don't think that it is stupid please I'm a drawer not really a writer and I just wanted to try

Chapter 1 - Summoner and her Long Lost Love

Chapter 1 - Summoner and her Long Lost Love
“Yuna come pway wif me.”

“One second honey”

“One second is up”

“Rikku please play with Shammi”

“Ok…but one question why do you always look out to sea as if you were looking for something?”

“Because… maybe just maybe ‘he’ will come back some day”

“He won’t come back, he was sent to Spira because his father wanted him to save him and that is all”

“Don’t say that Lulu… he will come back someday…he will”

Yuna was standing on the beach everyday since Tidus disappeared, she stood there thinking that someday he would come back to her and this is where the story begins.

“Eh, Yuna you hungry”

“No Wakka but Shammi probably is ask ger I’m going for a walk down by the waterfall ok”

“Kimhari come to”

“No…I’’m mean no sorry Kimhari but I want to be alone”

Yuna went down to the waterfall then she started singing one of her favourite song the Hymn of the Fayth then someone joined in with her it was Gatta

“Lady Yuna what are you doing down here by your self there are still fiends you know.”

“Yes I know Gatta but I am strong…I am strong”

“Well ok then, bye”

After Gatta had left Yuna went under the waterfall this was her quiet place where she could think of all the good times her and Tidus had but it just wasn’t the same without him, then she heard someone coming down the path it was Tidus but he was only a hologram.


“Yes it is me but only as a hologram, I have come to tell you that there is a way for you to still see me, frist you have to go to the Farplane and call for me and sing the Hymn of Fayth, then go back to the beach and and… so…I…go.”

“So what so you what come back Tidus come back…”

Tidus had left because of a bad connection but Yuna did as Tidus had told her she went back to the beach and asked her Uncle Cid if he could fly her to the Farplane.

“Ahhh…Yuna you alright?”

“Yes I’m fine”

“I hope this has nothing to do with that Seymour” said Wakka in an unimpressed voice

‘No…no I want to go see my father…ya that’s it I want to go see my father how I miss him”

“Well alright dear I’ll take you then, anything for my niece.”

Cid flew her to the Farplane

“Umm…I need to go alone sorry guys but I want to talk to my father alone ok”

“oh ok we wait her for you” said Kimhari

Yuna went up to the Farplane and wished to see Tidus so bad and he appeared

“So I guess this is where I sing the song”

Yuna sang the son and then came back and she said that they had to get straight back to Besaid. When the arrived back at Besaid Yuna stood at the tip of the beach and whisled while everybody was back on the main land then there was a big splash in the water it had to have been Tidus and it was.

Yuna ran up to him and hugged and the gang came running cause they had heard her

“Let me finish about what I was going to say ‘whistle so I can find you’”

When everybody came they saw Tidus and they all freaked

“Yo brotha whats up” said Wakka doing his secret handshake with Tidus

“Oh..Nothing just been winning all the blitzball games with the Zanarkand Abes”

“Oh really”

“Ya and you have you won any games”

“No not a single one but the team will be glad to see that your back, ya”


“Hey Kimhari, what’s up”

“Kimhari good, Kimhari watch over Yuna like you did.”

“Good good”

“Eh Lu how is it going?”


“Oh come on give me a hug”

Lulu went an gave Tidus a hug. Rikku was just standing there with her head down and was trembling

“Het Rikku whats the matter”

Rikku looked up with her eye filled with tears and ran over to Tidus and gave him a hug

“Your back…you actually back how I’ve missed you…don’t leave us like that again ok”


“Well I need to talk to Yuna alone ok so go and get ready for supper guys”

“How is dat” said Shammi to Rikku

“A friend…a real good friend”

“Oh otay”

“So Yuna how is life now”

“Better then it was…everyday I would stand on the beach and wait to see if you would come back and just when I was losing hope you brought back and so I thank you Tidus thank…”

Tidus had put his finger to her mouth to hush her and then her kissed her. They star looking at the stars and holding hands and when they decided to go back to Besaid mainland Yuna had her head on Tidus chest and they walked back and she whispered into his ear



I hope you liked this one its kinda short but I think it is good well hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it and I will have more stories on the way. if you liked it


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eclipse_dragon on November 5, 2006, 8:08:52 PM

eclipse_dragon on
eclipse_dragonThat was really good! When I read it I can picture a cutscene in front of me, thanks to the perfect recereation of the characters! Your English is not that bad at all btw.

DeathBo on September 11, 2003, 3:34:42 AM

DeathBo on
DeathBowow! u got the characters on FFX perfect how the would talk...i like this 1....i wanna write a story to...but i get writers block lol

madison774 on July 28, 2003, 3:49:16 PM

madison774 on
madison774Thanks I'm not good in English my English skills are very poor I will try ok!!!!