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Chapter 1 - Who are you?

hey I re submitted it because A: there were so many spelling mistakes B: it didn't appear in my gallery anyway I fixed the spelling errors. it's slow at the start then again I did it at 6:30 in the morning

Chapter 1 - Who are you?

Chapter 1 - Who are you?
It's pouring with Rain and we begin in a warm cosy little house and the a pitch black forest we begin with a young girl. She's quite tall with long wavy light brown hair with bluish green eyes. Wearing an Aqua jumper with a long purple skirt and wearing around her neck a distinctive blue necklace. She stares out the window and sighs, "it's Raining again....looks like It'll last for a while". She moves away from the window and pts her dark brown shoe's on and a black cloak. "I should get some wood before it gets too wet. I'll have to bring the sword to cut it down of course and for never know when something could just attack you in this forest especially at night". she heads towards the door and leaves locking the door behind her.
"It's cold......then again what did I expect. I tend to feel the cold more then normal Humans" She huddles up in her cloak and starts running deeper into the forest. "I haven’t got much time. It'll start thundering soon and waking up the creatures and I wouldn't like to run into to a hungry egg bear now, or a hungry Dragon".
She stops at a lake and stares up "it's nice here...although it's hard living do tend to get lonely... but I bet when this rain stops the I’d be able to see the stars". She smiles and starts walking to her left towards a steep cliff.
"...something isn't right....there is always a white dragon here protecting it's nest....something isn't right". She stopped and pondered around the bottom of the cliff. We see a huge white dragon clawing at something " heh heh heh there’s my little play mate.... huh? what she's attacking someone I have to help them...". She pulls up her sword and lunges towards the dragon.
White Dragons I never violent unless they are protecting themselves or there nests. The white dragon turns itself towards the girl and tries slashing at her, but misses. The girl stabs the Dragon and slashes it getting blood all over her cloak.
"leave here....I will not harm you anymore". The White Dragon screeches at the girl and walks off leaving it's prey it was attacking.
The girl stared as the dragon walked deeper and deeper into the shadows of the forest before placing her sword back into her seethe and then walked towards a man badly wounded on the ground and rushed beside him. "your going to be safe now that Dragon has left. It attacked you because it was protecting it's nest. I am Hazel and I live near here I'll bring you to my place, but may I ask...who are you?" with a puzzled look on her face she removed her cloak and placed it on the man.
" Kratos...a mercenary...thank you for helping me" he struggled to his feet. " Kratos your badly wounded. please come back to mine and rest you wouldn't get far in the state you are now". supporting Kratos starts walking with him towards her house. "I...wouldn't want to be a burden, but thank you I really appreciate it."
"Kratos it's fine it's no hassle besides you look like you need a rest and I wouldn't mind the company". As they got to the lake the rain stopped and they turned right. " you look a lot different then most people I’ve seen " Kratos exclaimed. " really? then again I'm not used to seeing other people I’ve lived alone ever since I was exiled after my mothers death when I was 5 ".
We come to a house "what?...on your own? since you were 5? you must be awfully lonesome and when I say different I mean prettier " looking bemused he stud while Hazel opened the door. "prettier? " she blushed " why thank you I’ve not ever had a compliment thank you...I may be only 15 but I can fight quite well". She walked in behind Kratos.
" I do get quite lonesome....but then again living the quiet sheltered life can have it's advantages" *she said taking off her shoes and closing the door behind her. " Kratos welcome to my home make yourself comfortable " she said smiling. " Thank you's nice here...quiet and did you find this place? I's a good house nice and sturdy" looking puzzled as he sat on her bed.
" Really? why thank you very much it took a while to build but it is quite sturdy....." she smiled at Kratos " I tend to feel the cold a lot more then most people especially in the winter....anyway Kratos you should lay down I’ll bandage up your wounds just please take it easy and rest.....and I hope...we could be friends? " looking at her Kratos smiled " sure of course we can be friends I saved my life....and you seem like a nice person.....although...I’m sorry to here about your mother....why were you exiled from your village? I mean you were still young...and without a mother....and what about your farther? and friends? and surely you must have someone to turn to?
As he laid down she brought over some bandages and bandaging up and cleaned his wounds "....I was exiled.....because I’m not fully human....descriminatation....I’m half dragon half human..I was about to be killed by a dragon slayer....but my mother thought him off....but she was killed by him.....but he died after....the village mayor exiled protect the village from dragons and dragon slayers....I never knew my farther...all I know is that he is a black dragon.....I’ve never really had a friend....because of what I am.....and as I said I’ve lived alone since I was i'v had no one to turn to....".
As she finished off the bandage on his arm she looked to the side " I’m...sorry I should have told you sooner that I was a half dragon....I understand if you were to hate me or call me a freak like everyone else ". Kratos looked at her puzzled “hate you? " he sat up looking at her " it's not what you who you are....I can tell that you need someone to talk to..A friend to help you....Hazel I may not know you very well...but everyone needs a friend. You need someone to be there to give you advise....let me be that friend who helps you”


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ShamanKinglover1995 on October 21, 2007, 7:22:44 AM

ShamanKinglover1995 on
ShamanKinglover1995OMFG! I want more (if there is) plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faves*

DarkFlash on November 9, 2006, 9:52:54 AM

DarkFlash on
DarkFlashawww the ending was so sweet. that's sad she lives all alone and at the age of 5 that's young... well not realy my character lived by himself when he was 6. well at leased she has a friend now. it would be great if you added more chapters

kamatari17 on October 11, 2006, 5:11:04 AM

kamatari17 on
kamatari17Huh? What gives I left a comment for your story and I also faved it? *grumbles stupid FAC messing with meh account* *faves*

You know I know it's cute! I hope you make more chappies soon or a manga!