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Here are all the dwarven vows I have found so far in the game.
HA.. A rediculous fic I wrote! Most of my friends thought it was hilarious, but that's just them. I don't own ToS or the songs/artists!!
A random oneshot about Lloyd and his craziness.. Kinda has a Wizard of Oz thing going on. Oh and sorry about how it's all underlined and such, my computer is retarted and messed everything up. >_<
Just some random story about Presea, who has an Extremely impropriate crush on Lloyd. I'm so gonna get flamed for this story. Not really sure which pairings that's in this story but I think it's PreseaXLloyd and ColetteXLloyd.
Discover the story behind Colette's very first Charkam. *This one reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaally works!*
this is a funny ToS fic that me and my best friend wrote on her birthday. it is completely insane and hilarious. enjoy. =^_^=
Zelos/Lloyd fluff drabble. Because there seriously isn't enough Zelloyd on FAC. Shounen-ai. So don't like, don't read.
Presea was so concerned with the well being of another that she put herself in danger to ensure her safety. later, her emotions begin to come back to her. after winged dragon fight. nothing explicit. it is highly reccomended you play that far first
I think the title says it all. Not all that slashy, but still. Comment readers, and I may submit more, saying that I remember.
A series of poems I wrote. Most of them have to do with the citizens of the game. It has a little irony considering you played the game, but I still love it to death. No spoilers so far.