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Chapter 2 - A Day at the Gym: Dodgeball Part 1

A collection of random one-shots.

basically just random stories involving those in HN and sonic and friends. stories will be added whenever i can ^^

i'm taking ocs and story ideas, so go crazy ^^

Chapter 2 - A Day at the Gym: Dodgeball Part 1

Chapter 2 - A Day at the Gym: Dodgeball Part 1
Author's Note: ok, i decided to become lazy and start doing these in script style. i dont have time to make it in traditional writing, but i wanted to upload this anyways ^^;

for those who don't roleplay: *asterisks are actions*, extra spaces between lines are different conversations, italics are thoughts, and , but you wont see carrots till later ^^

another note, there are more characters, OCs and canon characters alike, that are present here than described in the first chapter ^^



Mish: *waves knuckles down from the bleachers, and he goes down*

Twilight: so...... i wonder what she's having us do first....?
Sonic: i hope it's a race. i need to start out good. *grins*
Lightning: *groans* she wouldn't torture the rest of us like that..... would she?
Twilight: *smiles* she probly' would.

Mish: *yelling* ok, i need everyone down HERE now please!

Twilight: let the fun begin....

*everyone either walks down or jumps off the bleachers and form a circle around mish*

Mish: allrighty guys, it's time to play everyone's favorite game--- *holds up a purple ball* Dodgeball.
*murmurs of agreement and challenges are heard through the gathered mobians*
Mish: here are the rules: if you get hit, you're OUT. if someone catches your throw, you're OUT. only ways to get back in are if a team member throws you a ball and you catch it, or if there is a jailbreak. *points to basketball hoops at both ends of the gym* if you get a ball through the opposing team's hoop, you get a jailbreak and all your team members are back in. the two teams are Canon Vs Fancharacters. split up please!!

*everyone there separates into their two teams, and the numbers are almost even, there being one less Canon character. as the teams had been separating, mish and knuckles had placed the dodgeballs in a line across the middle of the gym, and returned to their respective sides*

Mish: *being the extra, she is now the referee* ready...... GO!

*everybody rushes for the dodgeballs, sonic, shadow, and twilight getting to the line first. chaos ensues as dodgeballs start flying*

Twilight: *looks around for a target, dodgeball in hand. she sees a ball coming at her and easily avoids it, then flings a ball towards it's source, smacking Vector square in the snout*
Vector: OWWWWWW!!! gosh, girl, you can throw HARD! *rubs his snout and walks to the other side. he is the first one out*
Twilight: *sweatdrops* sorry!

Silver: *is watching Felix dodge a throw by rouge from across the room* we'll see if you can dodge THIS, tough guy..... *using his telekinesis, he raises the ball up into the air, then slowly guides it towards the tiger, being careful not to get hit*
Felix: sees the ball coming, but is puzzled as to why it's moving so slow* how's that.....?
Silver: *smiles, then darts the ball to one side*
Felix: *jumps when the ball suddendly moves, and his tail fluffs up* ok, now i KNOW thats silver doin' that....
Silver: *is trying not to laugh, then moves the ball up above felix*
Felix: *watches the ball move above him* oh no ya don't. *jumps up to try and catch it, but it moves out of his way* grr.... i'll get that lil' hog.....

Sonic: *dodges a ball thrown by terra and then flings a ball at lightning, who barely dodges it* gosh-darnit.
Lightning: missed me! *flings a ball at shadow*
Sonic: *avoids it again* YOU'RE TOO SLOW!! *grins*
Lightning: grrr.... dodge THIS! *grabs another ball and whips it towards sonic*
Sonic: whoa!! *dodges it, and the ball flies past him*
Big: *is hit by the ball intended for sonic and it knocks him back a few feet* heyyyyy!! who just threw a ball at meeeeee?
Lightning: whoops.

Shadow: *ball in hand, he dodges around the others to find one particular mobian* there you are.
Acid: *throws a ball at blaze, who promptly dodges it* dammit. *notices shadow* oh. well hey there, lil' bro.
Shadow: we'll see who's little after this! *flings the ball at acid*
Acid: *dodges it* heh. your aim's worse than your sense of humor.
Shadow: *smiles* we'll see....
Acid: *catches a ball thrown by charmy, who flies to the other side, head hanging* sorry kid. *spins the ball on his finger* i'm having fun. are you?
Shadow: *suddendly flings a ball at acid*
Acid: *is hit in the arm, knocking the other ball off his hand* owwwwww....!
Shadow: NOW i'm having fun. *grins*
Acid: *scowls* i'll get you later..... *walks to the opposing side, grumbling to himself*

Zero: *is standing in the back of the gym on the OC side, not bothering to do much*
Skye: *walks up to him* you're not gonna play, zero?
Zero: naah. this is a stupid game anyways..... *suddendly, a ball comes out of seemingly nowhere and smacks zero in the FACE, knocking him flat on his back* AAH!
Skye: *starts laughing uncontrollably*
Zero: *sits up, a bump beginning to form on his forehead. he looks across the room and finds---*
Amy: *is practically rolling on the floor laughing* HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!
Zero: *growls* grrr... i'll get you, you little...... *reluctantly walks to the other side*
Skye: *is still laughing uncontrollably* hahahahahaaaaaa!!!!



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