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Chapter 3 - A Day at the Gym: Dodgeball Part 2

A collection of random one-shots.

basically just random stories involving those in HN and sonic and friends. stories will be added whenever i can ^^

i'm taking ocs and story ideas, so go crazy ^^

Chapter 3 - A Day at the Gym: Dodgeball Part 2

Chapter 3 - A Day at the Gym: Dodgeball Part 2
Author's note: PART 2?! PART2PART2PART2--- *shot*

uhuh XD so yeah, finally got around to posting this. more dodgeball chaos!! enjoy!!


Mish: you guys SUCK!!
Lightning: *had JUST gotten whacked in the head* shut UP Mish!!

Ocarina: *throws a ball at Silver, but misses* dangit!!
Silver: *razzes her* >:P
Ocarina: grrr.... *turns daemon* rrrrrRRRAAAAWR!!
Silver: O_O; *loses concentration and drops the ball he was taunting felix with*
Felix: FINALLY. *picks up the ball and whips it at Silver*
Silver: *WHAM gets hit* OWWWW!!
Ocarina: *grins, satisfied, then turns back to normal and skips off*

Dio: *looks around for a target and finds blaze* huh. *throws a ball at her*
Blaze: *notices it and ducks. the ball flies over her head* hmph. >:3
Dio: mmh. *catches a ball thrown by espio and flings it at her again*
Blaze: *dodges it again* do you honestly think that'll WORK?
Dio: *grins* nope.
Blaze: *is smacked by a ball that came from seemingly nowhere* O_O!!!!! what in the----
Fang: *is grinning at her from above the field* >:D
Blaze: stupid dogs... *walks off the field*

Lightning: *from the other side of the gym* TWILLY!! GET ME BACK IN HERE!!
Twilight: *calling back* I'M TRYING!! *avoids a shot from sonic* CATCH!! *throws the ball over the opposing team, into the jail*
Lightning: *jumps up and catches it* oh yeah. *runs around back to his side* >:)

Amy: *guarding the jailbox* so, how's it going, zero?
Zero: i'd be way better if i was out of this dumb box....
A Ball: *flies right towards zero*
Zero: *catches it* oh, how fun.
Amy: *facepalm*
Zero: *runs back to his side* i'll get you later. >:)

Lightning: allright, it's jailbreak time. *flings a ball towards the basketball hoop, but it bounces off the rim* dammit.
Strike: *hands him a ball* >:)
Lightning: thank YOU. *flings the ball, and this time, gets it in* hell yeah!!

OCs: *run back to their side*



stay tuned for part 3! :D


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