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Chapter 1 - New school, New friends, New Crushes

There is a new girl in Domino High. Crushes develope and secrets unvailed. Lets just say its a must read.

Chapter 1 - New school, New friends, New Crushes

Chapter 1 - New school, New friends, New Crushes
This is my first yu-gi-oh fan fic and my first post so I hope it’s good. Some of my own OC’s.
I knocked on the door of my new class. The door opened and a tall man with black shaggy hair and glasses was in the door way he was obviously the teacher. I handed him a slip of paper that the lady in the main office gave to me. He said “ah you must be the new student.” I nodded. “Well come in.” I followed him into the classroom, and with one look at the students I knew I wasn’t in Orange County any more. Everyone looked at me with odd faces. I was so scared. The teacher said “settle down class….. I SAID SETTLE DOWN!!” all the students went quite and stared even more at me. “Well class this is the new student Shawn Adams. Hmmmm…” he looked around trying to find a place for me to sit. “Ahh you can sit next to Yugi Motou and Duke Devlin.” “I’m sorry where?” I asked. All the girls giggled. A little boy from the back who looked like he should be in sixth grade not a sophomore in high school waved at me and shouted “over here. You can sit right here next to me.” “Oh” I mumbled. I quickly walked over to the boy with red, black, and yellow spiky hair. I quickly sat down next to him. “Hi im Yugi” “Hi my name is Shawn.” Yugi pointed to the guy next to me, he had black long hair in a ponytail, and beautiful green eyes “this is Duke.” “Hi” I said “hey” he managed to say. “And behind you is Joey.” I turn around to come face to face to a really cute guy with blonde hair and pretty brown eyes. “Hi ya. I’m Joey Wheeler the cooliest.” “Pfft, you wish.” Duke said. “-.- Oh no here we go” the guy in front of me with spiked hair said. “Oh yea” said Yugi “this is Tristan.” “Hey” Tristan said to me. “Hi” I mumbled back. Sitting around all these adorably hot guys was making me nerves about what all the girls would think of me. “OH YEA DUKE?!?!?! WELL LETS SEE WHAT YOU THINK AFTER I KICK YOUR BUTT IN DULE MONSTERS!!!” “YOU COULDN’T EVEN BEAT A FLY!!!!” I turned around to see Duke and Joey fighting with each other. “OH YEA HOW DID I GET TO WIN ALL THOSE TOURNAMENTS!!??!” “You didn’t win them you just got far in the competitions.” Tristan whispered. “WHAT WAS THAT TRISTAN!!??” Joey started yelling at Tristan. All the while the teacher was yelling at Joey. “MISTER WHEELER I WILL NOT TOLLERATE THIS BEHAVIOR IN MY CLASSROOM!!! OUT NOW!! TO THE HEADMASTERS OFFICE NOW!!!” “See ya later guys” Joey said to Yugi, Duke, and Tristan. After Joey left there was a long silence. I was passing notes with Yugi, I didn’t want to get in trouble too especially on my first day of school. The bell rang for lunch. “Hey Shawn you’re going to sit with us right?” Yugi asked before we left the classroom. “Umm yea I don’t have anyone else to sit with so I guess I will.” “Cool. Duke why don’t you go with Shawn so she knows where to meet up with us.” “Ok” he said back. I said to Duke “I have to go to my locker first….ok?” “Sure” Duke said back.
~My locker~
“Ok so I’m only getting a couple things for my class after lunch.” I told Duke. He nodded his head. --- “hey dude.” Duke said to someone. I look up to see who he was talking to only to see a gorgeous guy…..
Hahaha cliff hanger hahaha had to sorry tune in next time. Love to hear suggestions


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GreyPichu on August 23, 2008, 1:41:44 PM

GreyPichu on
GreyPichuoooh gorgeous guys are the best kind of guys! lol gotta keep going. =]