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Chapter 2 - Some people never learn

There is a new girl in Domino High. Crushes develope and secrets unvailed. Lets just say its a must read.

Chapter 2 - Some people never learn

Chapter 2 - Some people never learn
This is the second chapter of my first story please be nice. Some are my own OC’s.
Recap: I (Shawn) am a new student at Domino High; I met Yugi Motou, Duke Devlin, Tristan Taylor, and Joey Wheeler. Joey was sent down to the headmaster’s office, Yugi invited me to sit with him and his friends at their lunch table. Duke is at my locker with me and I just came face to face with a very hot guy.
“Oh yea I forgot that you didn’t meet yet,” Duke said. The guy nodded his head acknowledging me I just stood there staring at him like an idiot. “Hi I am Yami Atem Motou, but you can call me Yami for short.” “Uh huh,” is all that managed to come out of my mouth. I realized I was staring at him like a mad woman and dropped a book on my foot. “OUCH!!!” I was holding my foot in pain. Yami bent down to pick up my book and his shirt came up a little bit and I saw his boxers and above that a very tan and toned back. “Here is you’re book…..” Yami said to me not knowing my name. I just stared in to his amazing violet eyes. I could have fainted right then and there buuuttt I didn’t. I realized I never told Yami my name, and that Duke had managed to sneak off to flirt with the cheerleaders down the hall. “Oh ummmm….” *oh shoot what was my name again? Ohhh man come on think, think, think.* I looked up at Yami. *awww man he is sooo sexy…. No come on u never told him your name stop getting off topic… come on Shawn think ooohh wait I know my name again!!!* I looked up at him again, “Oh sorry my name is Shawn Adams.” “Hi Shawn.” He held out his hand for me to shake. I stuck out my hand and noticed it was shaking uncontrollably. Our hands met and we did that movement, whatever you want to call it. I let out the most stupidest and annoying giggle. Yami must have noticed and chuckled. I blushed like crazy. “Well Shawn lets head to the cafeteria for lunch.” “Oookkkk!!” As we headed to the lunched room we passed Duke stuffed upside down in a trash can and the cheerleader’s boyfriend, one of the football players for the school team, dusting off his hands and put his arm around the girl. Duke muffled “uh hello anyone out there Yami, Shawn, hello help I need help I can’t get out” he was kicking his feet which were sticking out of the bin and everyone in the hall was laughing at him. “Should we Yami?” I asked. “It’s the right thing to do.” “Ok.” We helped Duke out of the bin and Yami did something to that poor football player because he ran out of there like a cat being chased by a dog. “Duke you smell big time,” I said. “Thanks Shawn that really gave me an extra boost in my confidence. I’m going to head to the bathroom to clean myself up then to my locker to put some cologne on so I don’t stink up a storm and turn all the girls off.”-.- some people never learn “Ooooooooohh what kind??” I asked. “Dose it matter?” “Yes” “Fine then old spice” “O.M.G!!!! I LOVE OLD SPICE!!!!!” everyone in the hall staired at me, Duke and Yami got very wide eyed and nodded to eachother. Duke darted into the men’s bathroom, and Yami took my books. “Awww that’s so sweet and gentlemanly of you….” I got cut off by a hand over my mouth. I look and it’s Yami’s. “Let’s get to the cafeteria before you embarrass yourself even more.” I tried to talk “mmmm hmmmm mmmhmm MMMMMMMMM!!!” yea that wasn’t working too well.
Yea another cliff hanger, I like to use them then u come back for more and see what’s happeing next. Lol well as always if you have any good ideas for the story I would love to hear them. Thanks!!!!


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