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Chapter 1 - The Road of eternal silence

My short story that I made for my English II accelerated class

Chapter 1 - The Road of eternal silence

Chapter 1 - The Road of eternal silence
The Road of Eternal Silence.

The Road of Eternal Silence, that was how I used to called it. The road was always so quiet during the morning, when everybody was still sleeping. Sometimes that silence scared me.

I had to walk through that eternal silence in order to get to the train station. Since mom and dad died, I had been living with my big brother in a small town located a little distant from London. The nearest high school was in London so everyday I had to take a train.

One Rainy day, as I was walking like every other day trough that silent road, something unusual just happened.

The eternal silence of that empty and lonely road was suddenly disrupted by that strange and scary melody that invaded the silence. The melody sounded very horrific .Everyone that could be able to hear that melody , would sense a tremendous fear. The melody transmitted sadness, but something about it made me follow that melody, something about it made me ran and ran as fast as I could. The rain always had been a nuisance for me, but in that moment I didn’t even thought about the fact of getting all wet. I just ran trying to follow that melody before I loose it. Then I stopped and found myself at the place that I was heading from at the very beginning- The train station. In that moment I noticed that the melody of horror was being produced by the humming of a girl that was sitting on a bench. She was the one that hummed that melody, and in that moment I couldn’t avoid feeling a shiver.

The girl looked younger than me. She was like twelve years old. She was dressed in an unusual outfit- a black extravagant and spongy dress that made contrast with her very pale skin. Her hair was so light and long. It was a very light blonde, so light that it looked like it was white.

The girl noticed that I was staring at her with horror. In that moment she stopped humming, and the melody was gone. She turned her head towards my direction and those scary yellowish eyes of her looked at me so deeply, and she let this words came out of her mouth with a soft and calm voice:

“ You are finally here. I was waiting for you.”

Then the most horrific and perverse smile that I had ever saw in my entire life appeared in her face.

-“ Lindsey Richards?” she said, and I was surprised that she knew my name. I didn’t recall seeing her before.

-“uhmm… yes, what do you want? Who are you?” I said.

- “My name is Finn.” That was the only thing she said, then she entered a train. Since she entered the train to London, I decided to follow her. I was so curious about how she knew me. At the train I thought for an instant seeing a woman with blood all over her face, but it was maybe my imagination. I didn’t paid too much attention to it. I was just trying to find that mysterious girl on that train that was full of very pale people just like Finn. I turned myself to the right and there was Finn again; she looked like a creepy porcelain doll sitting in a seat.

-“Here, I kept this seat just for you.” Finn said.

I was so scared, but I had too many questions so I just did what she said and I sat beside her. Then that scary melody started again. I turned around to see the girl and she was humming that song again.

-“ That song is very scary. I never had heard anything like that before.” I commented.

-“Of course you don’t. It’s called the Melody of Death, we angels of death sing it to call the souls of dead people. Just dead people are able to hear the melody.”- Finn said.

In that moment I just entered into total shock and my mind stared to get full of thoughts.
This must be a nightmare. There is no way I am already dead.

-“ You are not having a nightmare. You just deceased this morning. You closed your eyes as you went to sleep, but you never opened them again.”- Finn stated.

What? She was able to know my thoughts? I was so scared in that moment. Maybe she was a death angel after all and I was already dead. I just wanted to get out of that train. I remember I looked out of the window and I didn’t recognized the place. This wasn’t the train to London!.

-“ Welcome to the train of death, next stop: Purgatory.”- Finn said

Then I just let out of my mouth the biggest scream that anyone had ever heard before in their lives.

And the train just disappeared in the distance with that melody that started again with no intentions to stop, just to keep playing for eternity.

That’s when I realized that the silence of that road wasn’t too bad after all.

- By BLanca L. Villarreal A.


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