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Chapter 0 - When I Bestow My Kiss On You

This is about a character I made named Miss Chloe. I'm not gonna say much, just read! BTW this is a creepypasta, (if anyone knows what that is) and I can't really submit it now because the submission time is over, so I'm posting it here!

Chapter 0 - When I Bestow My Kiss On You

Chapter 0 - When I Bestow My Kiss On You
  It was finally the day, Chloe was going to leave her hometown and live somewhere new. She always wanted to leave her pigsty, and this was the day she'd end all her pain. Ever since she was young she lived in the same place and it was driving her mad. Chloe had never married and never intended on it because too much was holding her back from finding the perfect man, and she didn't want to take her chances. On the day: Chloe sat up in her uncomfortable bed and let out a faint yawn. Her hair was in knots and in desperate need of a brush. She ignored this fact as she peered at the clock. To her surprise, she overslept. Her mother was picking her up from her house and was on her way at the moment. Chloe quickly tore off her pajamas and changed into her red dress. Makeup was smeared on her face as she frantically tried to get ready. Chloe had black eye shadow around her right eye and looked as if she was violently punched.Her mascara was very uneven and sticky, but she pressed on with her frantic morning. Chloe rushed to the kitchen, taking her coffee mug and grabbing a breakfast bar. She plopped down on the table, making her coffee jump out of the mug. Chloe’s face was severely burned and the mascara dripped down, leaving her with a possessed look.
  Chloe shrieked as she waved her hand to try and make the pain go away. Her wild and blonde hair was soaked and so was her dress. Chloe pointed her head at the floor as she began insanely laughing. She pushed back her tears as a honked blared from the outside. Chloe then, slowly stood up, walked over to the door, and saw her mother's car. Her laughing was silenced as she took note of her situation. Quickly, she scurried to her room to get her heels. Her rush was so serious that she burst out the door with only one heel on and the other in her hand. Her mother was not looking at the moment, but if she was, she would've drove off. Chloe looked very menacing, so menacing that at one glance of her you would turn the other way and run.
  Her heart beat rose as she trudged toward the car. Finally, she swung open the car door and plunked down into the passenger seat. As her mother's eyes drifted toward her a look of shock covered her face. "Stranger!" she yelped as she pushed Chloe out of the car and on the road. Chloe, being the clumsy person she is, stumbled back and fell, back first, in front of the car. Her mother, without knowing, quickly drove over her to get away. The air was pushed out of Chloe, for her mother drove over her stomach. That was not all the damage though; Chloe's dress now had a tire print that stretched all the way from her shoulder to her hip. Chloe, knowing that death was certain, just closed her eyes and began laughing hysterically. She had finally been driven to madness and all she wanted to do was murder. She had now gained a need to kill and was ready to embrace it. She knew she couldn't do it unarmed so she emerged into her house and grabbed her biggest and sharpest knife. With the knife clutched in her hand she made her way to where she smelt her mother. The smell of roses and fear leader her toward her mother's old folk's home. Chloe practically ripped open the door as she entered. Shock filled all the faces of the women, men, and children in the waiting room. In a state of rage, Chloe sliced off their heads with one swing of the knife.
  She laughed as she licked the traces of blood from her knife. As her mother descended from her room, she had no idea her last breath would be taken in a matter of seconds. Chloe's eyes met her mother's as her mother stepped back in a state of utter fear. Chloe was full of rage and ready to unleash more of her power. She then slowly crept up to her mother singing the song her mother always sang to her. Chloe then ended her mother's life for good, and that was the last of her. The police went to the crime scene the next day, and all that was left was a stand of the mother's hair and a note with a lyric from the song written on it. That was how Chloe left her mark, and with each murder the song was pieced together.
  The Song: Sweet little girl, make me your world, fill me with joy, and I'll give you a toy. Shed a tear, don't fret my dear, I'll take away the pain, no I'm not insane. Little baby love, show me you'll go up above, and prove me you're worth more than the earth, when I bestow my kiss on you.


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