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Chapter 1 - Loosing Grip

Chapter 1 - Loosing Grip

Chapter 1 - Loosing Grip
Disclaimer: Everything here belongs to Jhonen Vasquez and Avril Lavigne

Gaz's version of Loosing Grip

*nocturne dune

Are you aware of what you make me feel, Dibby?

Right now I feel so sick of you, wish you weren't real

Didn't you feel me lock my arms around you?

Why do you still breathe? Why can't you just leave?

I just wanna play there, I just wanna win there, grinning coz I defeated

The Vampire piggy...


Why should I care? If you are there, beaten and limp, all because of Zim?

Why should I care? I've got a game to play, just go away coz I wanna win...


I'm just a few levels away, from winning

Why can't you just stop and sit down, while I finish my game

You used to bug me instead of leave me

Now you're gonna pay, here's what I have to say...

You're gonna lay there, you're gonna bleed there, I will kill you else where

Coz I already told you


Why should I care? If Zim really is an alien, who else would believe?

Why should I care? Leave me alone coz I wanna play, why can't you conceive?

Crying out loud, I'm crying out loud

Crying out loud, you're gonna be crying out loud...

Open your eyes! Open them wide!

Why should I care? My GS2 is all I need, I need it more than you...

Why should I care? For all I care, you can just lay there, til you dry up and die...

[repeat last 2 lines til fade...end!]


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invaderXgothgirl on July 21, 2006, 3:56:29 PM

invaderXgothgirl on
invaderXgothgirl*second post dance*
Awesome....Although im not so sure if Gaz can sing...

Invader_Zen on June 23, 2006, 5:49:17 PM

Invader_Zen on
Invader_Zen*busts up laughing* this is funny!! Why no comments? I do first comment jig! faves!