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Chapter 0 - The Wall

Just a piece I wrote once

Chapter 0 - The Wall

Chapter 0 - The Wall
Once there was a girl. She loved to draw. This was how she expressed herself. For a few years she had been mute. She felt she had more control over her life this way. Anyway she would go to this wall every day. A wall were people drew pictures.
One night after she had spent the day drawing she was on the way home. She passed the guy she saw wondering around whenever she was on her way home. He was only ever out at night. He always looked sad. She used this guy as inspiration for her next drawing.She drew herself and the guy facing each other.
The next day she noticed a speech bubble drawn next to the guys side. It read; “Hi”. She was a little awkward about writing back but hey, writing and voice are two different things, right?
They wrote to each other for over a year. He told her about his allergy to sunlight and she would talk about her silence. Without ever meeting these two became the best friends.
One morning she returned to the wall to find it painted over. She cried for hours. She felt as if her friend had died. She didn’t return for a week.
She was at home when she decided that she would go back to the wall that night. She grabbed her pastels and ran out the front door. She ran to the wall and saw no one. Walking over to the wall she saw a few speech bubbles;
“Where are you”
She quickly proceeded redraw the original picture and wrote, “Sorry I was so quiet”. She walked off from the drawing and went home.
The next day she hoped there was a response. She rushed to the wall and saw nothing. She decided that night she would go find the boy and make sure he heard her apology.
That night she sat nervously waiting for the sun to go down. She ran as fast she could to the wall hoping he was there. When she arrived she saw someone adding to her picture. She smiled. Too nervous to say something she turned away and went home.
The next day just before evening she went to the wall. So many other people had started drawing again. When she saw her image she was shocked. All he said was “okay”. They started to talk again properly. He was kind of cold though.
After a few weeks the girl was diagnosed with cancer. When she found out she went to the wall and told him straight away. She also gave him her name. That was the last time she was able to go to the wall.
Soon afterwards she was admitted to hospital. He could feel something was wrong. He knew her name and so he decided to check the hospital. When he found her she was weak and shaven. She was at her last days. He walked in the room and sat with her.
They both passed away the next morning. Her from her cancer and him from his allergy as no one closed the curtain. But they were content as they had found each other and would be together forever as the best friends.  


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