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Hello. Welcome to the floor
I wrote a song about the happy mask salesman
Just a piece I wrote once
Hey guys. 

In the year of 2015 I completed my NANOWRIMO Quest to complete a minimum on 50000 works between the dates of November 1st to November 30th. And that task was completed. 

Some parts were daunting. Other parts were brilliant. 

Here is the out come.

I will probably add all future nanowrimos here too. :D
This is a collection of thoughts whether it be stories or just thoughts. It's a project I'm working on. I plan to keep it simple. If any  offensive material occurs I plan to keep it low detail and will write a note with the part. 
This is to do with a story I am working on.
So this is planned to be about a girl and guy on opistite sides of the world, living two different lives. Offline and online. Hope this works out well. Message me what you think and I will get back to you.
this is an essay for my english oral pressintation (speech) that i am going to post everywhere i can.
this is a story i wrote for year 11 english. its only suppose to be short.

its enspired by alice in wonderland
blah... this is for my random moments
you can find anythin in here
this is a sadish crapish poem based on a drem i had and no i wasnt the girl. her name was amy, hope you like it.may add more
im bored so im writing poems
hope you like this
this story is about the characters in Zelda and if you wanna know about it please read... hopefully you will enjoy it
[img] Videos/Zelda&image=zelda8.jpg[/img]
this is about a girl Aime, her brother Eiji, Link, Sariah and Zelda
Ganondolf has returned and the rest you can find out for your self
its kind of completely