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Chapter 1 - Enrollment Into Chaos

Haruhi Fujioka starts off to a new school... for cartoon characters. This is where they learn to become one with their inner toon and find where they belong before they get adopted to a show. Then someone begans posioning the toons. Can it be stopped?

Chapter 1 - Enrollment Into Chaos

Chapter 1 - Enrollment Into Chaos
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the shows in this story… if I did this would be a full-fledged manga (wouldn't that be super special awesome). I do, however, own the plot. So no steally steally, please.

Author's Note: I was sitting at home one day on the computer reading fanfics (hooray!) when I thought to myself: what were the characters of my story like before their series began. Then it dawned on me - they go to school, just like everybody else, to learn how to be cartoons. Thus, my chaotic story was born.

~*(Enrollment Into Chaos)*~

Haruhi Fujioka glanced at the schedule in her hand. "Room 314, huh?" She looked back up at the door to confirm the numbers again. "Guess, this is it," bending over slightly she picked up her luggage and stepped into the room.

Boom! As soon as her foot made it past the door frame she was pummeled. "Sorry!" A boy yelled before he was up and running again.

"Don't mind him," another boy said, stepping out of the kitchen. "He's trying to catch an invisible pig." The boy was about the same height as Haruhi with midnight black hair and matching eyes. An obviously faked smile braced his sickly pale features. "You must be our new roommate. I'm Sai."

The first boy ran back into the room. "I'm Yugi," he gasped as he temporarily rested. Then he was gone again. Bam! He tripped and fell over the coffee table. Attempting to glare at he stood back up. "I'm okay," he took off after the 'pig.'

"I'm Haruhi," she said slowly. "Why is the pig invisible?" Nonchalantly she leaned forward to glance around the corner into the kitchen area.

Sai sighed and a pale hand weaved itself into his black hair. "It was his science experiment. Somehow they always go wrong. Just like that sinkhole out front." Haruhi blinked. "You mean you didn't see it? It's been snatching students up all year!"

Haruhi shook her head. "No, I guess I missed it." She glanced down at the bags that were still in her hands. "Where can I drop these off?"

"Down the hall and to the right," Sai replied. "You and I are sharing a room from now on." He looked at the girl's bags. "Suppose I should help you with those…"
The dark boy pulled out a book and flipped through the pages. "Ah," he said when he found what he was looking for. "Do you need help?'

With a sigh, Haruhi shook her head again. "I can manage on my own. Thank you, though."

Sai shrugged before trudging off to find Yugi and his pig, and Haruhi followed the older boy's instructions and went into the room. It was an average looking room full of random art supplies, a couple of beds, computer, book shelves, and T.V. She dumped her luggage beside the unclaimed bed.

She plopped on her bed exhausted. Her mind wandered back to her hometown, her deceased mother and her father. "Haru-san!" Sai's voice brought the brunette back to reality. "You're tour guide's here!"

Haruhi forced herself up and headed back into the main room. "Haruhi, I'd like you to meet Yuki Cross." Sai shot her one of his fake grins. "Yuki, meet Haruhi." When they didn't say anything, he left once more.

"Hi, Haru-chan!" Haruhi looked the girl up and down taking in her appearance. She was tiny in stature with big brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair. "Nice to meet you!" She took out the smaller girl's outstretched hand. "Meet, Scrappy. He's my pet flying monkey!"

For the first time since arriving, Haruhi's eyes widened in shock. "Flying monkey?" She glanced down at the pink fuzz ball crawling on her arm. It's black bat-like wings were folded down to its back. Sure she had heard of some crazy things, but she hadn't seen any proof. Could they have been telling me the truth, she thought frantically. Aloud she said, "H-he's a… um… kind of cute, actually." She stroked it's head.

Yuki's brown eyes lit up. "You really think so! Most people don't see it!" The energetic brunette wrapped her arms around Haruhi's neck. "I think you and I are going to be great friends. Now let's get started on that tour of Gogyou High.


Haruhi's tour guide was so excited she dragged Haruhi around the campus pointing out all sorts of random and bizarre things. "This is Lake Peid were the mermaids live." A young blond girl sat on the shore and waved at Yuki. Yuki waved back. "That's Luchia Nanami, she's a mermaid princess."

Taking the newcomer by the hand, Yuki pulled her off toward the back part of the lake. "Back here is the stables. We have pegasi, unicorns, and a four-foot long platypus named Angie. She's a real sweetheart."

Without taking her inside, the tour guide yanked Haruhi off to a nearby tree. "I'm tired let's rest for awhile. You can ask me a few questions to, if you want to that is?" She plopped unceremoniously beneath a large oak tree.

Haruhi followed her skeptically. When she plopped under the tree she sighed. The young girl had tired her out from being dragged everywhere. "Yeah, my head does hurt a little from all of this," Haruhi motioned to everything around her.

"I completely understand," Yuki whispered, "but it does get better. I remember when me and my family first moved here." An autumn breeze blew through her brown hair. "My dad dragged me here when he got a job offer from the headmaster."

She turned to look at Haruhi. "So, what do you want to know about Gogyou?" She smiled brightly. "I know everything about this place. Yet," her voice dropped an octave, "I can't pass any of my classes on account I sleep through them."

Haruhi gave a soft chuckle. "Yeah, that would be hard." She then placed a finger to her lip to think of a question. "First off, what is this school for exactly, and why was it created?"

Taking a deep breath, Yuki began her explanation. "It was founded about seven years ago because Headmaster-sama's younger brother wasn't ever invited to attend Hogwarts like he wanted to." Before Haruhi could interrupt her she continued. "The school is to train cartoon characters, like you and I, how to become one with they're inner toon and find where they belong in our two-dimensional universe. We train antagonists, anti-heroes, normal school kids, heroes, etcetera. We all live here until someone comes and adopts us into one of their shows."

"Why would someone have a school like this, is preposterous? I personally find it rude that people fit others into 'stereotypes' based on how they look or how they act. A person's a person no matter what." The look on Yuki's face prompted the teen to halt her rant. "Sorry, it's just these kind of things bother me."

Yuki reached out the reassure her. "I don't mind. I love it when people voice their opinions. Plus, you're gonna need to be fearless at this school, and not take crap from anyone." She pulled Haruhi closer to her. "If you do have problems, however, come to me… I've got myself a secret weapon?"

Noticing how close the two were, Haruhi attempted to wiggle free of the other girl's grasp. "Thanks… I guess!" Haruhi gave Yuki a small smile. "That's very sweet of you." Yuki blushed a delicate shade of pink.

He's kind of cute, now that I think about it, Yuki thought to herself.

Suddenly something or rather someone collided with Haruhi for the second time that day. Without even an apology said person hopped down between the two brunettes. "Not interrupting anything, Yuki?" The person was a lean, tan teenaged boy with carrot colored hair and reddish orange eyes. "Hey," the boy said, "you're a chick!"

"Yea, so," Yuki's jaw dropped. "Oh my. You're actually surprised." Haruhi shot the other girl a bored look. "It's not a secret really. I thought everyone knew."
Shrugging it off, the boy turned his attention back to Yuki. "So, whatcha doing out here with her… alone?"

Yuki turned and glared at the obnoxious red-head. "Nothing like that. I was just giving the new kid a tour of the campus. What were you doing, Kyo?"

The boy called Kyo stretched out his sore muscles. "I was taking a nap until the two of you woke me up. Which by the way, was very rude."

Suddenly a devious smirk spread across his face. "So, you're new?" Haruhi gave a slow nod. "You do know what we do to newbies, don't you?"

Haruhi shook her head no. "Kyo, don't!" Yuki cried, but it was to late. The freshman was lifted over Kyo's bony shoulder like a sack of flour.

Realizing what was happening Haruhi began to squirm and kick like a maniac. "Put me down, cat-boy! Put me down I said!"

"Fine," this got the tomboyish girl to shut up. Before she could ask Kyo anything, however, he had already hurled the other student into the lake. "Hope you can swim, newbie!" Kyo laughed at his own prank.

Yuki stopped behind the boy. "Kyo," she groaned. Slowly she made her way out into the middle of the chilly water. "You alright, Haru-chan?"

The soaked girl spurted a bit before speaking. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little water-logged is all." To Kyo she glared, "I better not catch a cold, jerk."

When back ashore, Yuki released Haruhi's arm. "I'm just glad I got you before the lake monster got you," she muttered more to herself than anyone else. "That would have taken some explaining."

"Lake monster?" Haruhi asked. Yuki nodded. "Great, just another thing to add to my ever growing list of crazy crap. Is there anything that this school doesn't have?"

Yuki and Kyo exchanged looks before turning back to her and shrugging
simultaneously. "If you think this is scary, you should see under Kyo's bed?" Yuki giggled. "I've heard it's absolutely dreadful. There have been reported tentacle rape monster sightings under there."
Haruhi blinked. "Is it true?"

"Yeah," Kyo admitted soberly. "I'm a slob." Haruhi's eye dropped into a not-what-I-meant semi-glare. "Oh! That! Yeah, there have been a few sightings. It even ate my textbook one time… well that's what I told my teacher anyway." The orange boy chuckled somewhat evilly. "Gullible fool."

Haruhi shot the boy another long look called the you're-such-a-weirdo look. "Is that all of the tour, Yuuki? Because, I really need to go back to my dorm and change into some dry clothes before I catch pneumonia or something."

As she walked away from the odd duo she heard Yuki giggle. "Haru-chan squishes when she walks." Haruhi resisted the urge to roll her eyes.


When Haruhi finally made it back to her dorm room (it's on the flipping third floor so it took awhile) she noticed something bizarre. In the center of the dinning room table sat a floating rope that appeared to be wrapped around something and part of a floating apple. "Sai?" Haruhi called out.

The odd boy walked into the room covered in ink. "You rang, milord?" he grinned that stupid grin. Haruhi pointed to the platter. "Oh, that," he said as though he were expecting it. "Yeah, Yugi woke up Kaname, who then caught and tied up the pig."

"Kaname?" Haruhi asked.

Sai nodded. "Yeah, he's our fourth roommate, and he's super grumpy when he wakes up. So, yeah, never wake him up…" he began to walk to their bedroom.
"Unless you have chocolate," he added as an afterthought.

Running her fingers through her hair, Haruhi gave an exhausted sigh. "Hey, what happened to Yugi?" Sai stopped mid-stride and gave her a half-hearted shrug and continued on his way.

Haruhi glanced down at the pig squirming in its bonds. "Poor pig," she thought for a moment. "Poor kid to, no telling what happened to him." She trotted off to her bedroom. "Solved the pig problem, though."

~*(Enrollment Into Chaos)*~

Author's Note: Poor Haruhi, she even gets mistaken for a boy in Gogyou. I tried to stay as true to each characters true personality as much as I could. I think I kind of drifted a little on Kyo though (he turned out meaner than I would have liked). If you like it please leave a comment. When I get at least five comments I'll update, and if I don't get any in like a month I might just take the story down.

Word Count: 2099

~*(Cazuuki Yoko)*~


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