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Chapter 2 - Let the Random Soar

Haruhi Fujioka starts off to a new school... for cartoon characters. This is where they learn to become one with their inner toon and find where they belong before they get adopted to a show. Then someone begans posioning the toons. Can it be stopped?

Chapter 2 - Let the Random Soar

Chapter 2 - Let the Random Soar
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the shows in this story… if I did this would be a full-fledged manga (wouldn't that be super special awesome). I do, however, own the plot. So no steally steally, please.

Author's Note: I was sitting at home one day on the computer reading fanfics (hooray!) when I thought to myself: what were the characters of my story like before their series began. Then it dawned on me - they go to school, just like everybody else, to learn how to be cartoons. Thus, my chaotic story was born.

~*(Let the Random Soar)*~

The next morning Haruhi started class. She fiddled with the zipper on her school uniform. “Welcome one and all to your first day of a new year. I’m your new home teacher, Ms. Shizuka Nekonome.”

Haruhi stared in disbelief at the woman’s cat ears and tail. I must be hallucinating she thought. It’s too early. “Okay, I’ll give you fifteen minutes to get to know the rest of your classmates and then I’ll start class.”

The boy net to Haruhi scooted closer. “Hi,” he chirped happily. His eyes squinted behind his long messy hair as he smiled, “my names Atticus.” The boy ran his fingers casually through the tangled brown locks and his brown eyes sparkled. “The girl behind you is my baby sister, Alexis.” He motioned to the blond girl who had her nose shoved in a novel.

Slowly she glanced up smiled and gave a small wave. “Hi,” her hair was brushed neatly out of her warm brown eyes. “How do you do?”

“I do good,” Haruhi said her brows knitted together in concentration. The trio talked for the rest of the time. Haruhi found out that they were normal kids just like she was (much to her relief).

The time flew to fast for the group. “Attention students!” Everyone hastily made their way back to their seats. “For all of our newcomers I will explain how our lovely establishment works.” At this Haruhi perked up. “The students here are divided into three separate categories: heroes, villains, and other. Each category has it’s own separate ‘school’ so to speak. They are: Charmed Class, for the heroes, Shadow School, for our villains or anti-heroes, and our class the Random Room, for the others that don’t fit into the other categories.”

“In the Random Room all students will learn how to be sidekicks, damsels-in-distress, innocent bystanders, comic relief, or people who will star in shows about normal kids. Any questions?” She glanced through her glasses around the room. “You over there in the back!”

Haruhi lowered her hand. “Is there anyway one could change into a different class?”

The teacher nodded. “Of course if the headmaster deems you to be something else other than what you are due to characteristics that you display. Anything else?” Haruhi shook her head. “Good.”

For the rest of the morning Nekonome-sensei droned on and on about the rules and the cartoon adoption process at the end of every ‘school year’. Haruhi sighed happily when the bell for lunch rang.

She darted out the class and to her dorm room. Once inside she saw Yugi sprawled out on the coffee table. Glad the poor kid’s okay she thought with a small smile. “Yugi?” The tri-haired boy’s head popped up and his purpled eyes widened. “What are you doing?”

His eyes immediately lit up. “I’m trying to attach booster rockets to the bottom of the coffee table. I’m gonna make the first ever flying table. It’ll be even more popular than that old-fashioned flying carpet!” Excitement was written on every aspect of the small boy’s body.

Skeptically, Haruhi asked, “Did you invent that too?”

Yugi rolled his eyes. “Of course not, silly!” Haruhi sighed, inwardly relieved. “My great great grandfather did!” Mentally, the girl slapped herself on the forehead. She then headed back to the kitchen area.

From the living room she heard Yugi yell. “Woohoo! I got it!” Then there was a loud bang.

Sai without even looking up from the pot of food he was making winced. “He hit the ceiling.” Boom! “The wall.” He looked up from the pot. “Hey, Haru-chan!” He smiled that creepy smile of his. “Lunch is almost ready.” Boom! “Could you inform Kaname for me?”

A terrified look spread across her face. Noticing it Sai tilted his head slightly and gave a real smile. “No worries. He’s awake.”

“Fine,” Haruhi sighed, “I’ll tell him.” Sai muttered a thanks as she left. She glanced in the living room as she passed and saw Yugi fly out the open dorm door and into the hallway. She just rolled her eyes.

Slowly and cautiously she headed down the hall and into the room adjacent to hers. “Kaname-sama?”

She poked her head through the opened door and slowly opened up the room. It looked anything but average. In one corner there was a pile of what looked like Yugi’s failed inventions, a couple of beds, and a large couch leaning against the far wall. “What do you want?”

Haruhi jumped and then froze. She could feel Kaname’s breath on the back of her neck. “Uh… uh… Sai wanted me to tell you that lunch was ready.”

“Thanks,” Kaname said and then he patted her softly on the head. Haruhi followed the taller teen back down the hallway. He had messy brown hair and broad shoulders. “It’s rude to stare, Miss Fujioka.”

Reddish brown eyes pierced through Haruhi as he stopped to stare at her. “You know I’m a girl?”

“Only a moron wouldn’t,” he replied.

A moment later, Sai came into the dining area a big pot of food was placed on the table. The trio sat down and began to eat. “How’s class been so far, Haruhi?” that fake smile plastered to his lips.

“Good,” she paused, “Sai, what class are you in?”

Sai stopped slurping his noodles. “I’m in Charmed, just like Yugi. Kaname here is in Shadow.” Kaname glared at the raven-haired teen from above his glass.

Boom! “Look’s like Yugi’s back,” Kaname and Sai both ducked their heads underneath the table. “What are y-?” Yugi flew through a nearby wall and hit Haruhi with the coffee table. “Aaaah!” Haruhi screamed as she was lifted out of her seat and through the ceiling.

Quickly, Yugi pulled her aboard into a somewhat more safe position. “No worries, Haru, my man!” Yugi tried to comfort her. “I think I’ve got it down now!” Suddenly the ropes he had been using to steer the table snapped. “Well,” he said with a frown, “that’s a spot of rotten luck.”

The table seemed to stop mid-air before it began its descent. “Now, we can scream.” The tri-haired hero released the rope and wrapped his arms around Haruhi. “Aaaaahhh! I’m to young to die!”

A white blur came into their vision. “Yuki?! What are you doing?” The small brunette was sitting on a pegasus and flying parallel to the table.

“I’m saving your life! Now get on!” Haruhi and Yugi both exchanged looks and jumped onto the flying horse. They watched as the table was gobbled up by the enormous sinkhole.

Deeming the situation safe, Yuki returned the duo to the ground. Yugi was near tears. “You okay?” their rescuer asked both of them.

Yugi busted into tears. “Th-that, that was so… totally… awesome!” He looked at Haruhi and then Yuki. “Can we do it again? Pleasepleasepleaseplease!”

“Are you insane?” Haruhi hit him on top of the head. “We almost died back there! I am NOT doing that again!”

Behind them Kaname and Sai ran up, obviously worried. Smack! Kaname slapped Yugi across his face. “You moron! What would have happened if you had hit some students having flight practice?”

This confused Haruhi. “Flight practice?”

The others just stared at her like she had grown a second, or maybe even a third head. Is two heads a norm for them she wondered. “Yeah,” Yuki answered, “I was having flight practice… on the pegasus.” Yuki beamed and then looked at Yugi. “Why didn’t you just summon one of your dragons or something?”

Hanging his head the tri-haired teen kicked his feet shamefully in the dirt. “I-I guess I didn’t really think about it.” He looked back up at his comrades with a red face. “My bad.”

Haruhi would’ve hit him, but Yuki got in the way. “It’s okay, Yugi-kun!” she tackled the small boy. “You’re just to cute to stay mad at!”

“What’s going on here?” a voice boomed. All of the students stood at attention. “Yugi, were you experimenting again?”

Yugi tried to hide his face behind his long blonde bangs. “Yes, Headmaster. I’m so sorry!”

Suddenly, the headmaster grinned at him brightly. “Such a creative boy, but unfortunately you’ll have to be punished… yet again.” The blonde man looked over his shoulder. “What shall his punishment be this time, Cross-san”

A long haired man with glasses gave the young boy a toothy grin. “Slug duty, seems appropriate I think. What about you, Kisai-san?”

“Yes, yes, quite appropriate.” Kisai turned his attention to Yuki. “You on the other hand shall be rewarded for your brave rescue. You raised quite a bit of ruckus, Yuki-chan. Cross-san, you must be proud.”

The man smiled his silly grin again. “I sure am! She makes her daddy so happy!” Yuki just smiled sheepishly. Haruhi looked at both of them, but couldn’t see any family resemblance. “You are going to exempt from quarter finals for your bravery.”

Yuki cheered. She stopped and looked at Haruhi. “What about, Haru-chan?” She turned back to her father. “He isn’t going to get in trouble, is he?”

“Of course not. It’s not his fault he caused panic and disrupted a class. He should go to the infirmary, though, just to be safe. Yugi you go as well.” Cross patted his lovely Yuki on top of the head.

After hearing this Haruhi sighed. “Nekonome-san, could you please escort Mr. Fujioka and Mr. Mutou to the nurses office?” Kisai shot the thin woman a warm smile. “I have to get my robes dry-cleaned.”

Nekonome nodded. “Of course, boss!” She picked Haruhi and Yugi up and tossed them both over her shoulders.

Yugi beamed at Haruhi. She just gave everyone her evil stare. “It just keeps getting better.”

~*(Let the Random Soar)*~

Author’s Note: I do plan on Zero making a cameo, as well as Kaiba, Sebastian, and several other characters from random shows. They will find out about Haruhi. Kaname and Yuki are siblings, but that will be revealed more as the plot unfolds. And yes, there is a plot.

Word Count: 1798

Cazuuki Yoko


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