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Chapter 4 - So It Begins

Another week of crazyness and romance.Plus the appearance of past lovers.+_+

Chapter 4 - So It Begins

Chapter 4 - So It Begins
After the ordeal,we finally went to the park.Children ran around the sandbox,falling off of monkeybars.Parents watching cautiously as they chat with others.Birds perching themselves on tree branches,everything seemed pleasant until a shrill broke the peace."Beccy!!What a surprise!"A girl with pink hair ran towards us."Don't call me that!""What was that?"She leaned closer to me,hoping to get a piece of weakness to fuel her vainity."I said don't call me that.It's Rebecca,not Beccy!"She looked disappointed.The group of guys standing behind me caught her eye."Oh,who are these gentlemen.Some more canindates?""Leave them alone,they're already taken."She frowned and scurried back to me."Okay Rebecca,see that guy over there?Go and bring him-"I started to walk away."Hey what the hell are you doing?!""Staying away from your mess.Get your own boyfriend,I've already got one."Grabbing my arm tightly she forced me back to her.However like most girls I deal with,she was small,almost stick-like.So she couldn't exactly pull me.Instead she stubbled infront of me and was face-to-face with me."Listen here tomboy!Go get him or I'll call up my daddy and have Sparkles freed from that prison!"I rolled my eyes.She held her cell phone to my face with her father's number flashing on the screen."Shut the hell up and leave me alone.And for your information,I like being a tomboy.It's better than being a preppy,skeleton,dog!"She dropped her phone.It seemed to drop in slowmotion,like her ego crushing on the ground.She stood there completely frozen.Yusuke actually lowered his head to her and tipped her over,with one finger.As soon as she landed on the ground,I started laughing my lungs out.Kuwabara leaned over to examin the girl."Is she dead?"That instant Vanesa sprung up from her frozen state.A loud,shrilling,scream escaped from her mouth.The happiness of the park was deeply disturbed.The birds flew away.The children watched in curiousity and the parents were shouting.Flames appeared in her eyes."How dare you!Who do you think you are telling me off like that?!"I swear,smoke came from her ears.Possibly because her brain had been fried."Do you know who I am?!I am the most beautiful girl in this entire town,and I will not be stood up by some trampy-looking,little dog!"I took a deep breath and stepped forward.Her eyes followed my movements.A half-smile appeared on my face."Okay,bye-bye..."I grabbed her by her shirt.While she was elevated I began to spin.Once I couldn't even keep my balance,I flung her into a tree.Surprisingly there wasn't any blood,just a bursed ego.Heh heh,had you going there didn't I?Actually,everything until the scream was true.The real story is that I actually punched Vanesa in the nose.She did fall to the ground and started screaming when she realized that her perfectly, plastic, nose was crushed.Hey,at least she won't be bothering me for a while.After that fun little event,we left the park.Feeling powerful,I occasinally bursted out in large sighs of triumpt."Okay,you had your fun!"Hiei said covering my mouth.I removed his hand from my mouth."Oh c'mon,can't you be happy for me.The princess defeated the dogy dragon!Without the help of the prince!"Hiei just responded with his usual"hn...".Kurama slipped his head into the equation."Maybe it's the fact that you defeated the "dragon" by yourself."Hiei glared at him.I giggled a little.I stopped for a moment.A chill ran up my spine.The others turned back to see me laging behind."C'mon,lets go!"Yusuke called.I could've sworn I saw something flash infront of me."Something wrong?"I shook myself out of the trance."It's nothing.Just thought I saw something."I caught up with the group.But,I couldn't help but feel a presence behind me."Did you guys feel something?""No,why?""I thought I felt something other worldy...""Could've been me!"Kuwabara said with pride.I bopped him on the head and chuckled.We passed by the same shops from yesterday.I noticed that Kurama wasn't quite paying attention to where he was going.Then I noticed that a door was opening infront of him."Senpai look out!"He turned to me and walked into the door.He hit his head on the door and fell to the ground.A gasp escaped from the person who opened the door."Kurama!"Amy ran out from behind the door and knelt beside Kurama."Are you okay?"He looked up at her.Her face bursted with a shade of red I've never seen.Kurama backed up into my leg.I looked at Amy and her seemly fangirl face.I bent down to Kurama and whispered"Hey Senpai,could you do me a favor?""What?""My friend really likes you.So could you like do something?She's really not that bad..."He looked at Amy,who was almost completely suspended in time just waiting.He sighed and stood up.He offered his hand to her.Surprised she took it."You're not hurt are you?"Amy almost whispered."No,I'm not hurt."He said softly.I swear I could hear Amy's heart jumping, when his words escaped his mouth."I thought you hated me..."Amy turned away.Kurama's grip tightened."I don't hate you,you just came on a little strong."He lowered his face to her's.A small,warm,peck graced Amy's cheek.Once Kurama let go of her hand he said"See you later then?"Amy nodded and scurried off.Kurama watched her run down the sidewalk.I put a hand on Senpai's shoulder."That was good Senpai.""Thanks,I guess you were right she isn't that bad."We continued down the street.I felt something grab my hand.A surprise kiss graced my lips as well.Hiei sighed and walked a little closer to me."Feeling better?"He didn't respond.Suddenly I felt a blast hit me from behind.I came crashing down to the ground.Luckly my head hit my arm as I made impact.The moment froze.Hiei helped me up.Everyone starred at me as if I fell from a cliff and lived."You okay?"Yusuke asked."Yeah,I'm fine."We continued to my apartment.I kept wondering about that fall as I lied on my bed.Where did that blast come from?Why was it targeting my?Or was it targeting one of the guys?"You shouldn't think so much,your brain might explode."Hiei stepped into my room."But,it was so weird.It just came out of nowhere.What do you think it was?""You being clumsy.""I see you're in a foul mood."He sat on my bed like the night before."Do you think it could be Jennifer?Was she in a bad mood when you left?""She wasn't there when I left.She did seem a little on edge when I told her about you.""That's strange.But,she couldn't have gotten here.She was supposed to disapper if you got any notice of me.And besides how could she even get to this world,I feel stupid even thinking about it."I chuckled out of embarrassment.He placed his hand on mine."I told you not to think so much."He kissed my lips and rested his head on my shoulder."Hey that reminds me.Aren't you supposed to transform-"I was stopped when I looked back at him.He was sprawled out on the bed in his chibi form.I smiled and curled up next to him.I was awoken by the alarm again.It had disturbed me from a wonderful dream.I threw the alarm at the wall and watched as it slid down it.I heard small snores beside me.The alarm didn't wake Hiei."What a lump."I thought aloud.I covered my mouth,hoping he didn't hear me.He was too into his little world to
acknowledge me.I didn't try my luck with the guys sleeping in the other room.However on my way to the bathroom,I noticed that all of them were huddled next to each other."Photo oppritunity!"I thought to myself.I slowly crept into the room.Avoiding Kurama,and his almost scary pop ups.I took a few shots from different angles.I saw them move slightly and dashed to the bathroom.After I emerged from the bathroom,I quickly slipped into a pair of jeans,and my T-shirt with a Maru Penguin.I peeked past my door to see Hiei still sleeping."Must be tired from yesterday."I heard the phone ring on my nightstand.I didn't want the guys to wake up,I quickly slinked to the phone.It was a tellamarketer,perfect.The women was offering me a new cellphone plan and she wouldn't take no for an answer.I hung up the phone.I took a sigh of relief,unfortunatly it wasn't long before she called back.Persuading and manners might've not been her strong point.I tried to stay quiet,even though I wanted to reach into the phone and ripped her a new one.I heard a beep,someone was on the other line.I switched line without telling the pyshco marketer,it wouldn't matter anyway she can't call me again.Jelly was on the other line."Hey Rebecca,heard what you did to Vanesa.Ya'know she's going to seek her revenge on you.""Like I care,she got what was coming to her.""True,anyway how are your boys doing?They aren't being too much of a handfull are they?""Jelly!I already told you it's not like that!""But they're so cute.I bet the girls at school would love to hear that you have four boys staying in your apartment.""Tell,and you die!"I glanced back at Hiei,thankfully still snoozing."Anyway,I found this bathhouse in town.It would be nice if you came,I bet the boys are a little home sick too.""Why are you so concerned about the boys?""No reason.""I'm on to you.""So are you going or not?""I'll have to ask the guys.I talk to you later."I hung up the phone."What did she want?"Hiei had snuck up behind me."She wanted to take us to a bathhouse in town.She said that you might be homesick,but I think it's just a chance to pester you guys."Hiei moaned,he whipped some of the gunk off his eyes."Unless we tranform in the next five seconds I'm not going.I'm not going to let myself be seen in a bathhouse in this form.""Good point.Okay,I'll just call up Jelly then-"Almost on que Hiei had transformed."That was convient..."I cocked an eyebrow.I peeked into the hallway and saw that the guys had transformed too."I guess we're going then."I saw Hiei cringe.+_+


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