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Chapter 6 - Shipwrecked Love

Another week of crazyness and romance.Plus the appearance of past lovers.+_+

Chapter 6 - Shipwrecked Love

Chapter 6 - Shipwrecked Love
I walked out into the livingroom,with my raident gown.I didn't get much of a response.Hiei took my hand and lead me to the door."Don't destroy my apartment while I'm gone,okay?!"They nodded and went back to the tv show they were watching.I shook my head and sighed"I think they're stuck to the tv.""Yay think?"The night was cold and breezy.Wind howled and swerved through trees.I heard leaves crack on the ground as we walked down the sidewalk."So where do you plan to take us?"Hiei asked tugging on my arm.I cocked an eyebrow"I thought you knew.""I've only been here once.""Oh yeah.I know this cool seafood restraunt down by the pier."He didn't respond,I took it as a yes.The salty sea air wasn't that pleasant. It smelled of rotting fish."Maybe it'll be more pleasant inside."We both hurried in before the smell could fully sufficate us.We were seated in a booth with a view of the dormant ferris wheel.I gazed out the window for what seemed like hours,until Hiei placed his hand on my arm."You look very pretty when the moon shines in your eyes."He whispered."Thank you."I could see his cheeks light up with cherry.While we ate I noticed two pairs of eyes watching me.A pair of crimson eyes watching me from across the table and a pair of green eyes glaring at me from the window.I glanced at both,the crimson eyes shifted away from me,the green eyes disappeared only to reappeared when I looked back at my plate.After we left the restraunt,the air had left it's musty scent behind.We walked along the moonlit beach.Waves crashed against the shore,our feet dug deep into the soft sand.It seemed so perfect.I wrapped an arm around his shoulder.He didn't seem to notice,he was fixated on something else."What's the matter?"He shifted his eyes towards me,they were hard and cold."Don't you sense that?"Just then a sudden chill ran up my spine.I did feel it,I knew who it was,I didn't want to admit it."I don't feel a thing,you're probably just tired."I said with a nervous laugh.He gave me a half smile"You're lying.""What should we do?""Take your hand off of him!!"The voice rang through my ears.It was so harsh that it almost broke my ear drums.We looked behind us,there Jennifer stood."I can't believe you did this!How could abandon me?!"Hiei stepped infront of me."You disappeared,Rebecca already explained everything.You served your purpose."Jennifer picked up a large rock from the hill."Wrong!!"She chucked it towards Hiei.We both went separate ways to dodge the rock,that landed hard on the ground.Jennifer pointed a finger at me."How dare you take him from me!You're full of lies!I want you to die!!"The earth started to shake.Jennifer stomped on the sand,the impact sent a tunnel towards me.I couldn't move,I knew I should run.I felt something push me to the ground.Hiei layed upon me,we watched as the tunnel exploded."Get out of the way Hiei!!It's not you I want!!"Jennifer sprouted her wings.She started flapping,the wind it created made us role and hit the pilar supporting the pier.She then stomped on the ground again.The tunnel was much bigger this time.We scurried out of the way.The blast destroyed the pilar.Luckly there were seven other pilars supporting it,the pier only tilted.When I looked up from the sand,I saw Jennifer charging towards me with her sword raised over her head."Move idiot!"I shut my eyes.I heard a clang,I saw sparks fly when my eyes opened.Hiei unsheated his katana and was holding Jennifer, back."Run now!!""Get the frack out of the way!"I ran away from them.Hiei pushed Jennifer backed, she stumbled backwards and almost lost her balance.She hollared and charged at him.He blocked her with his katana.They both were at a stalemate.I could hear the blades slip off each other."Just like old times,huh?""Shut up!""Don't get mad,Hiei-kun."Jennifer somehow passed her lips through the blades and onto Hiei's.She held for at least three seconds,before he punched her in the cheek and sent her flying to the ground.Her sword flew through the air and landed at my feet.Jennifer stood up and wipped the blood off her face."I just got to know,why did you pick her over me?"Hiei sheathed his sword."That I can't answer."Rage was sent through Jennifer's body."Bastard!!"A clenched fist missed Hiei's face."Hey Jennifer!!"I shouted.The rage fled her eyes and was replaced by fear.I held in my hand the crystal from her sword's handle.The purple shard shined in the moonlight.Her feet quickly scooted away.A hand was held to stop me from what I was about to do.I ran towards her,I fell on her.She fought back as I aimed the shard at her heart."No!I'm not going back!"Her head suddenly lunged back.I saw that Hiei had grabbed her hair.His eyes were sad,but he knew what he had to do.When I got the chance,I struck her heart with the shard.The struggling stopped,I could only hear creaks escape her mouth.Blood spilled from the wound.A bloodcurtling scream left her body as an enormous bright light sprang from her body.I covered my eyes as Jennifer,disappeared with the light.However she did get her revenge.The blast sent me flying into the bed of rocks,cutting into my flesh,leaving blood stains on the rocks and the sand below.Hiei rushed to me.His hands examined my body."Hey...that tickles."I chuckled weakly.With the last of my energy I grabbed Jennifer's sword.I held it tightly in my hand,I slipped into a deep sleep.The next morning I was sore.I could hardly move my body.Every individual cut teared into my muscle.I released a long groan.I looked beside me,Hiei had an arm wrapped around mine.I looked down,I was wrapped in bandages.That wasn't the weirdest thing."How did I get my pajamas on?"Even cocking an eyebrow hurt."You're awake..."Hiei sat up.He placed a hand on my cheek.I grabbed his wrist."You okay?""Yeah."He slipped out of bed.He fingered the sword that was lying on my desk."Was that really her?"I rolled over on my side and held my head."Did you expect a corny answer like that was her evil side?Hiei,I know it's hard.But,Jennifer didn't want to let go.And now she's back where she belongs."I looked at the sword."At least I hope so."That didn't seem to distract him.I managed to stand up and stubble to my desk.I placed a hand on the blade."You can keep it,to remember her bye."He shook his head."No,you need it more.""I honestly can't tell if that was a compliment or an insult."He just snorted.He wrapped his arms around me."I'd hug you back,but I can't feel my arms.""You're such a lightweight."Just then,my door flung open."Hey lovebirds!Check out the news!"Yusuke yelled,he ran back to the livingroom.We arrived at the livingroom just in time to see a picture of the pier,covered in blood,shards of wood everywhere,and people crowding the scene.Every jaw in the room dropped as the announcer explained the situation"It appears that a massacre has disturbed our peaceful beach last night.Police can't say for sure what happened,no evidence was left at the sence of the people who might of done this.But they will be keeping an eye out for any strange events in the city.Back to you Joe!"The camera switched back to the news station.I sighed and ploped myself on the couch."This is a nightmare."Kuwabara put his hand on my shoulder."Look on the brightside,we're going to have beautiful sunny weather."I rolled my eyes."Well,where should we go today?"Kurama asked."I don't think it'll be a good idea to go out today.If you guys make one mistake,the cops will be at my house interigating me for weeks."I threw my head back and started streching my face.A knock on the door echoed through my ears.I hide behind the couch.I peeked my head out"Don't answer the door!"Too late,Yusuke had made his way to the door.He turned to me"Relax,it's just your friends."Both of my friends rushed into the apartment.They pulled me out from behind the couch.Of course I responded with a scream of pure agony."Whoa,what happened to you?"Amy asked."Nevermind that.Why are you two here?""We were bored,and we wanted to see if this fun little segment was your fault."I glared at Jelly."Why would I do this?You're the one who wants to take over the world and make it into your own little pervert paradise!"Jelly backed away from me and tried to look innocent."I just wanted to know.And what's all this stuff about taking over the world?"She giggled."I only wanted to make my own harem."I saw the guys shudder at the thought.I sat back on the couch."C'mon Rebecca,where were you last nigt?"Amy asked.Jelly held a flashlight to my face."Were you here with your boyfriends?!"I snatched the flashlight."I told you,I didn't do anything.Now get off my back!""But we're not on your back."Jelly pushed me off the couch.I lyed on my carpet sprawled out.Then I felt something hop onto my back,I also heard my back shatter."Now I'm on your back!"Jelly shouted triumphitly."Get the hell off me!!"I struggled to get out."All right I think I've seen enough."Hiei pulled Jelly off of me.I practically lept into his arms,and then I heard my arms crack.Then something sparked in my head."Hey aren't you supposed to be chibis?"I had to say it.They all transformed,and because I was lying in Hiei's arms,I was now crushing him under my weight.Jelly of course pointed in pretend shock"That's totally inaporiate behavior."She grabbed Amy and squeezed her to death."Especially for little Amy!""I'm not little!"Kurama grabbed Amy's hand."Don't you think you're overreacting?"He looked up to see that Amy was that new shade of red again."Amy?Amy?Hello?"Kurama sat her down on the couch.She was probably in shock.I rolled off of Hiei.He didn't seem too happy,he was glaring at everyone in the room.Jelly looked to the two boys left in the room.She picked them both up and squeezed them until I heard gagging noises.Their expressions weren't exactly in destress,infact they seemed to be enjoying themselves.Because you see,my friend has a certain talent that not many girls possesed at our age(At least not without pading or surgery.+_+).This wouldn't bother me as much if she didn't flant it every chance she got."How cute!!!"She began squeezing them even harder.Their enjoyment turned to pain,I'd step in but I was having my revenge."Get them before blood pours out onto to the carpet."Hiei sent to my brain.I couldn't ignore it."Jelly,let go of the boys!Before blood starts to spill!"Jelly stopped and dropped them.They landed on the floor with a loud thud."Jelly, do you really have to that everytime you see something cute?"Jelly looked to me,an evil grin appeared on my friend's face."Ooooh I see,you're jealous about my chest again aren't you?"I cocked an eyebrow."When have I been jealous about those?""C'mon,just because you have-""Don't say it!""Say what?""We've been through this Jelly!""Oh yeah,the fact that you have-"I lunged forward and tackled her to the ground.I covered her mouth with my hand,trying to stay away from being licked."What was she going to say?"Yusuke asked.Everyone leaned in to hear,except for Amy,who was either still in shock or just ignoring it.She's already heard this before."It's nothing.It's just something Jelly does.Now could someone get me some ducktape?"Before anyone could move,Jelly licked my hand.I had relaxed my hand without realizing it,and payed for it with a nasty,wet,tounge.I retracked my hand and started wiping it on my pajama pants.Jelly filled her lungs with air."SHE HAS TINY BOOBS!!!!"She screamed so loud that I heard the neighbors complain(A little note to my editor:I made the characters more realistic to our friends.Please bear with it.You're probably either gagging or laughing right now anyway.+_+).I quickly apologized to my neighbors and looked back at the group.Everyone was starring at me."Jelly will you quit it?!"+_+


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