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Chapter 1 - Introduction

Someone is finally able to enter the world of Anime!! The only problem is...
The "chosen one" doesn't even know what Anime is, nor care for it.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 1 - Introduction
The name’s Kathrine, but please, call me Kathy. I’m 15 years old and absolutely LOVE the color green and lady bugs. Seriously, I have a lady bug comforter, lady bug wallpaper, lady bug-what?

What do you mean “Isn’t this about Anime”? I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Is that some type of animal medication? No thanks, I don’t have any pets.

Anyway, I go to North River High School, where there are no, I repeat, NO hot guys at all. Well, actually, there are a couple cute guys, but most of them are taken. I blame the-what now?!

Okay, so Anime isn’t medication. Cool, now, as I was saying; I blame the emo kids-huh?

Alright! Alright! It’s a cartoon! Now shut up!! “Not just any cartoon”? Okay, nice, now-oh for the love of Pete!!! Why do you keep interrupting? Trying to give an introduction to the nice readers here!!! Hello?!

The title? What title? I don’t see any-oh; THAT title. What about it?

So what if it says “The Anime girl in the Anime World”? I don’t even know anything about Anime, so, OBVIOUSLY it’s not talking about me.

No, I do not want you to give me a lesson. What I want is to be able to continue my introduction. Do you mind? Okay, good.

Anyway, the emo kids are always whining and looking for somebody to “love”. So, in conclusion, they get all the boys. They’re hot, they give easy love, they soak up all the worth-while men. End of story.

No! That does not mean I’m done with my intro!! Shut up!!

I’m not jealous of the emo kids, though. Who I’m REALLY jealous of is my best friend, Carol. She’s got James Ruckus as her boyfriend; varsity on the football team, considerate, pretty face, six pack (not that I’d know), biceps, and he’s respectful to ALL girls, not just his girlfriend, like most jerks are. What? No, of course I’m not going to steal him- wait…I thought I told you to put a sock in it! Enough!

After the two went to prom as a pair and have been together since, my eyes have been on John Fisher; wrestling. I’m still trying to fit in time so I can go see him at a match in his…uniform. No, I’m not a perv- shut up. Just shut up now.

Well, enough about me. I think my introduction has gone on long enough. In case you couldn’t figure out by now, I’m a regular teenager with raging hormones, a love for lady bugs, and hate for both emo kids and uncool things (*cough* person who keeps interrupting me *cough*).

See ya later, all! -Kathy


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