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Chapter 3 - Getting Somewhere

Someone is finally able to enter the world of Anime!! The only problem is...
The "chosen one" doesn't even know what Anime is, nor care for it.

Chapter 3 - Getting Somewhere

Chapter 3 - Getting Somewhere
“Oh my gosh!!!” I screamed and chucked a mud ball at the cartoon girl’s face. It went right through her, though she still looked shocked as it hurtled towards her face. I, thinking that it was going to actually hit and give me an opportunity to escape, quickly pulled myself up off the ground, slipping once, and ran like crazy, my binder clenched tightly to my chest, down the deserted street.
“Wait!!!” the girls voice yelled behind me, “Please!!! Wait!!!!”
I glanced over my shoulder to see her chasing after me; her footsteps didn’t even phase the puddles she was trotting over. My head snapped back to see where the left turn at the end of the street was.
Smiling hysterically, I focused on that corner as it came nearer and, as soon as I got there, I rounded it perfectly and dove behind a large group of hedges just outside of someone’s house. Though my body was screaming for air, I forced myself to hold my breath as the girls figure ran past my hiding place, barely visible through the wet branches.
“Where’d she go?!” the girl cried to herself, a little ways down the street.
I figured she was a good enough distance away. I exhaled, letting my poor lungs huff and puff as much as they wanted; I was still trying to maintain at least a little bit of silence, though. The adrenaline wasn’t helping either; I just couldn’t get enough air. Realizing what was happening; I quickly set down my binder, took off my backpack, spun it around, and began searching the front pocket for my inhaler. I was eternally grateful all of a sudden that I didn’t have any noisy key chains attached to the zippers, like most girls.
When I finally gripped its smooth surface, I yanked it out and shoved it in my mouth, but as soon as I pressed down, I regretted it.
My eyes widened.
Psshh, it went as I released.
“Aha!!!” the girly voice rang out and the bush in front of me was suddenly parted, revealing the cartoon girl, looking overwhelmed with joy, “There you are!!”
I screamed and dropped my bag and inhaler, crawling backwards on my hands to get away.
“Hang on just a sec.!” she chortled, and grabbed my ankle, dragging me towards her, “It’s alright! I’m not gonna hurt you!!”
I glared at her and then at my ankle that her furry glove were gripping, trying to show her that I wouldn’t be agreeing to anything if she continued to hold me.
“Oh, sorry,” she smiled, and released. I started to get up and climb out of the hedge. She put her hand out to help me, but I swatted it away.
“Who the heck-“ I paused and looked around, “…are…you?”
The entire street was frozen!!! I really wanted to believe that everybody on the street was just standing still. But no, I knew that every thing was indeed frozen when I saw that the rain droplets were standing still in the air as well. Kids on bikes and their smiling faces remain frozen. One man remained frozen while pulling a tarp over his car, the tan covering was caught in a stand still as it floated in the air where the man had tossed it over. Another seemed to be frozen trimming the very bush I had just been sitting in.
“The names Amy-chan,” she chimed, acting like everything around her was perfectly normal.
“And you’re-“
“An anime character!” She finished and gave a really wide smile and shook her shoulder-length blue hair.
“You mean an animal character?” I tried to correct. Eyeing her cat ears, pupils, and tail; the girl even had paws for Pete’s sake!
“No!!” she actually looked at me like I; me; KATHY; was crazy, “I’m an ANIME character!”
“Uhm…okay,” I shrugged.
She still seemed to be surprised, “Don’t you know what anime is?”
I decided to give this girl a little taste of my sarcasm, “Oh, YEAH- SURE I do! I TOTALLY know what anime is!!”
“Great!” she sighed with relief; I decided not to tell her I was being sarcastic. This girl, Amy, or whatever- was as dense as a puddle. I leaned over and picked up my backpack and binder.
“So…what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be off in “anime” world or whatever…?” This day was getting wilder by the second and all I wanted was for her to go away and forget this was going on. I was probably dreaming anyway. I’d probably wake up to Ms. Burns sharply poking me in the shoulder with her ruler, telling me that detention was over and I could stop napping. As I awaited her answer, I pictured my sleeping self, drooling all over the desk. I hoped I’d wake up soon; drooling on desks was SO not cool.
She smiled, but still didn’t answer. Instead, she grabbed my wrist with her fuzzy paw gloves and my surroundings were suddenly melting away. The murky atmosphere due to the rain clouds above me began to gradually grow brighter. The colors became more distinct as the frozen people disappeared. The floating raindrops-and even the sidewalk beneath my feet- began to go away and were being replaced by cartoonish scenery- much like Amy.
“What?!” I shouted, utterly bewildered, “Noo!!”


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Y0URIMAGINARYFRIEND on June 12, 2008, 4:05:17 AM

Y0URIMAGINARYFRIENDHa! Poor can someone not know what anime is though? Anyway, great story, update soon please!

GreyPichu on April 3, 2008, 5:25:25 AM

GreyPichu on
GreyPichuoh poor Kathy doesn't know wat anime is. :[ good chapter! :]